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28 Oct, 2021 15:57

‘Dangerous lies’: Tucker Carlson accused of promoting ‘false flag’ theory on January 6 riot in new documentary (VIDEO)

‘Dangerous lies’: Tucker Carlson accused of promoting ‘false flag’ theory on January 6 riot in new documentary (VIDEO)

Liberal social media users are up in arms after Tucker Carlson aired a trailer for his upcoming documentary which spotlights the ill treatment of January 6 US Capitol protesters and questions the official narrative of events.

Patriot Purge – a three-part documentary from Tucker Carlson Originals which is set to release on November 1 – seeks to explore “the true story” behind the January 6 storming of the US Capitol and questions whether federal agents were involved as part of a plan to push a domestic ‘war on terror.’

Describing the government’s response to January 6 as “the War on Terror 2.0,” Carlson’s Patriot Purge trailer includes clips of interviews with commentators who claimed that “the left is hunting the right” and “sticking them in a Guantanamo Bay for American citizens, leaving them there to rot.”

Causing particular outrage on the left was a guest who referred to the events of January 6 as a possible “false flag.”

“False flags have happened in this country, one of which may have been January 6,” the person suggested. Meanwhile, Carlson himself is heard warning that “The helicopters have left Afghanistan and now they’ve landed here at home… They’ve begun to fight a new enemy in a new war on terror.”

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A mob of nearly one thousand supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the US Capitol on January 6 to protest Joe Biden’s presidential victory, which they alleged was rigged.

One woman – unarmed protester Ashli Babbitt – was killed during the incident by a Capitol Police officer. Three others died from natural causes and one from a drug overdose.

Hundreds of protesters involved were quickly arrested and charged over their participation and many have since claimed to have been abused and mistreated in jail. One protester claimed he was beaten in jail by correctional officers, while others claim to have been kept in prolonged solitary confinement and prohibited from keeping basic personal hygiene.

Some commentators have alleged that the storming of the Capitol was incited by federal agents, citing suspicious characters who were caught on film encouraging the incident but have not yet been arrested or named as suspects.

Though Carlson’s documentary has not yet been released and he did not personally refer to the riot as a “false flag” – at least according to the trailer – the clip angered many of his critics who described it as “fascist propaganda” and called on Comcast to censor Fox News.

“It’s extremely obvious that this sort of thing is going to lead to serious political violence in the US, particularly around elections,” claimed Washington Post columnist Brian Klaas, adding that the documentary is full of “dangerous lies.”

HuffPost White House correspondent S.V. Date called it “Irresponsible as hell” and said Fox News “ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

Conde Nast legal affairs editor Luke Zaleski had a unique take, calling the film “Russian propaganda,” while neoconservative commentator and former White House official Bill Kristol – one of the chief advocates of the War on Terror following 9/11 – called it “dangerous” and “extreme.”

Journalist and anti-Republican activist Kendall Brown even accused Carlson of “creating the next Timothy McVeigh” with his documentary, in reference to the domestic terrorist behind the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Liberal activists have long attempted to get Carlson cancelled from Fox News to no avail. Though controversial, Carlson is consistently the most-watched cable news host in the US and has set records for the highest-rated cable news show in history.

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