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Socialist Twitch streamer accused of hypocrisy after alleged leak shows he made over $200k in ONE MONTH

Socialist Twitch streamer accused of hypocrisy after alleged leak shows he made over $200k in ONE MONTH
A reported data leak from video streaming platform Twitch has gone viral, revealing among other things that socialist streamer Hasan Piker allegedly made over $200,000 in just one month.

An anonymous internet user leaked 125GB of alleged data from Twitch on Wednesday, containing source code from the service and user payout figures, among other information. Though the leak has not been officially confirmed by Twitch, video game news website VGC News cited an anonymous source at the company who reportedly verified the leak and its contents.

Though one Twitch streamer allegedly earned more than $750,000 in September 2021 alone – not including sponsorship, donations, and merchandise income – social media users were quick to note that prominent socialist commentator Hasan Piker was the fourth-highest grossing person on the platform in September, allegedly receiving $210,946 from Twitch that month.

The leak also allegedly revealed that Piker had been paid a total of $2,810,480 from Twitch between August 2019 and October 2021, making him a higher earner than some of the platform’s most famous faces, including Fortnite streamers Ninja and Pokimane.

Piker – the nephew of Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur, and a socialist who has been photographed in ‘Make the Rich Pay’ t-shirts – was soon accused of hypocrisy, with one person tweeting, “Just a humble worker living 200K pay-check to 200K pay-check.”

“Dude isn't even top 1% - HE'S TOP 0.1%. WITHOUT TAKING INTO ACCOUNT DONATIONS,” another social media user observed, while others called on Piker to distribute his wealth to those in need.

This is not the first time Piker has faced controversy over his wealth.

In August, Piker drew criticism over a report about his $2.74 million Los Angeles mansion purchase, with five bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a swimming pool.

After critics questioned how Piker could continue to portray himself as an opponent of the wealthy, he was defended by fellow internet personality Ethan Klein, who argued that you should “be able to own a nice house and also champion for the poor and underprivileged,” and that there is “a difference between making millions on twitch and paying 50% in taxes, and Jeff Bezos being worth 150 billion and paying no taxes.”

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