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5 Oct, 2021 15:31

Two MPs from Russia’s governing political party to ask country’s Prosecutor General to investigate over men kissing on national TV

Two MPs from Russia’s governing political party to ask country’s Prosecutor General to investigate over men kissing on national TV

Two deputies from Russia’s parliament have announced that they plan to complain to the Prosecutor General after two male comedians kissed on a nationally broadcast TV comedy show. It was dubbed by one of the MPs as “disgusting.”

The scene in question saw Denis Dorokhov and Alexander Panekin, dressed as a bride and groom, share a two-second kiss at the end of a sketch, to a mixture of shock and laughter from a live studio audience. It happened on the comedy show ‘Game,’ which is on the popular channel TNT.

Speaking to online outlet Podyem on Monday, MPs Mikhail Romanov and Anatoliy Vyborny slammed TNT for broadcasting the kiss.

Russia has strict restrictions against what the law calls “propaganda” endorsing “non-traditional sexual values among minors”. The legislation has been criticized internationally, its detractors both at home and abroad calling it an attack on LGBT rights. Ruling party politicians have even questioned the law, with then-MP Oksana Pushkina saying last year that state policy “needs to be adjusted.”

However, her fellow United Russia members Romanov and Vyborny disagree.

“This is disgusting,” Romanov said. “Showing such a video violates the law. Of course, we need to investigate and take the necessary measures against those who produced this piece because it promotes non-traditional values.”

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He also added that he would appeal to the prosecutor’s office.

Vyborny also revealed that he might appeal to the authorities, claiming that he is against “showing things that can form a wrong orientation in the younger generation.”

“The promotion of these things causes me concern. The relationship between a man and a man, my firm belief, if they are adults, is their own business,” he said. “It should not be shown to others.”

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United Russia politicians have also proposed other restrictions on so-called “non-traditional” relationships. Earlier this year, MPs from the faction suggested banning “propaganda of bisexuality and polyamory” as a means of increasing the country’s birth rate.

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