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16 Aug, 2021 10:38

Biden’s meeting room clocks show incorrect time difference between London and Moscow, puzzling Twitter users

Biden’s meeting room clocks show incorrect time difference between London and Moscow, puzzling Twitter users

A photograph showing US President Joe Biden in a national security meeting on Sunday left many confused, after social media users noticed that the president’s clocks incorrectly showed London and Moscow to be three hours apart.

The White House released a photo on Sunday of Biden sitting in a Camp David conference room as he discussed the ongoing situation in Afghanistan virtually with others, including Vice President Kamala Harris and the CIA.

Eagle-eyed social media users, however, soon noticed that the clocks on the wall were displaying the wrong times for international cities. Specifically, London and Moscow were shown to be three hours apart, despite the time difference between the two cities currently being just two hours.

London and Moscow have been two hours apart since March and will return to being three hours apart in November.

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Biden’s incorrect clocks puzzled many social media users, with some questioning whether the times had been left unchanged since March, and others even proposing that the picture was old or photoshopped.

“Real question. Why is Moscow time wrong in this photo? Time difference between London and Moscow is only 2 hours, it hasn’t been 3 hours since March…” observed Boris Epshteyn, a former special assistant to President Donald Trump, while another user tweeted, “The clocks are showing the right time if the photo was taken in March rather than August.”

The debate even led to “London and Moscow” becoming one of Twitter’s leading trends on Monday morning.

Just hours before social media users noticed the incorrect clocks, the same photo of Biden in the conference room had sparked controversy after the White House was accused of “outing” US intelligence officials by including their faces in the image.

The virtual meeting screen showed CIA agents and operatives at ‘Doha Station’ – an alleged oversight that former Trump administration officials criticized and ridiculed the White House for.

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