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23 Jul, 2021 18:10

‘Time to start blaming the unvaccinated’: Alabama’s governor splits critics as she loses it over state’s low inoculation rate

‘Time to start blaming the unvaccinated’: Alabama’s governor splits critics as she loses it over state’s low inoculation rate

Republican Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, who was previously dubbed “one of the best” in the US by Donald Trump, has earned surprising praise from liberals for venting her frustration on those who remain unvaccinated against Covid-19.

Asked by reporters on Thursday how to better promote vaccinations to those still refusing as cases spike in various states, Ivey replied, “I don’t know, you tell me!” 

She added that “folks [are] supposed to have common sense” and then went on to claim it’s “time to blame the unvaccinated folks.”

“It’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down,” she said. 

Alabama has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country, with less than 40% of people 12 and up fully vaccinated. Vaccination rates have slowly been dipping month-to-month in the state, as well. 

Daily coronavirus cases have increased 70% in the last week, with hospitalization rates rising too, and Ivey says it’s “crystal clear” this is an issue among unvaccinated residents. 

“These folks are choosing a horrible lifestyle and self-inflicted pain,” the governor said. “You know we’ve got to get folks to take the shot. The vaccine is the greatest weapon we have to fight Covid, there’s no question about that, the data proves it.”

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Ivey, who is fully vaccinated, claimed she has done “all I know how to do” when it comes to promoting vaccines to her constituents. 

“I can encourage you to do something, but I can’t make you take care of yourself,” she said. 

Ivey’s targeting of unvaccinated Americans is similar to statements from White House health officials, who have warned of a “pandemic among the unvaccinated” as they continue to promote vaccines and issue stark warnings about the growing delta variant. 

There are numerous cases of vaccinated Americans still getting infected with Covid-19, but the vast majority who have found themselves infected and hospitalized are unvaccinated, according to officials. 

State data from Alabama shows there have been 500 deaths from Covid-19 since the beginning of April, and only 20 of those deaths were people who were fully vaccinated. 

In the wake of her comments, Ivey, a Trump supporter, has earned surprising praise from liberals on social media for venting her frustration against those still refusing to get inoculated.

Many critics, however, have also claimed it’s ‘too little, too late’ and Ivey’s past and current support of Republicans nixes her argument.

Ivey previously earned praise from conservatives for being one of multiple governors to ban potential ‘vaccine passports’ in her state. 

She has also announced this week that masks will not be required when students go back to school in the fall, something many liberal activists have argued should be mandated. Chicago Public Schools, for instance, announced this week that, regardless of vaccination status, students will be masking when they return to classes.

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