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6 Jul, 2021 22:30

‘Guess we found who the propaganda worked on’: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes attacked for retweeting Chinese anti-gun cartoon

‘Guess we found who the propaganda worked on’: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes attacked for retweeting Chinese anti-gun cartoon

MSNBC hammered Senator Ted Cruz for supposedly retweeting “Russian propaganda,” but the network’s own Chris Hayes has no problem reposting actual anti-American messaging from China.

Remember Ted Cruz (R-Texas) got himself in trouble with Democrats, neocons and ‘Russiagaters’ for retweeting what they called “Russian propaganda?” Back in May, the Texas Republican drew flak from all sides for retweeting a video comparing one of the US military’s “woke” recruitment ads with a more macho offering from Russia.

Also on rt.com Ted Cruz bashed for retweeting mashup of Russian & US army recruiting ads and complaining about ‘emasculated’ US military

Even though the video was created by American conservatives, MSNBC’s hosts and reporters were scathing in their criticism, with Brian Williams dubbing the senator “Kremlin Cruz.”

MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes, however, retweeted an actual propaganda cartoon from China’s state-owned Xinhua News on Tuesday. The ham-fisted drawing depicts two Americans toasting “to freedom” on the Fourth of July, while a twitching man firing a rifle and a handgun adds “of SHOOTING!” A nearby gravestone reads the apparently mistranslated “Death from Firearm.”

Hayes remarked that the cartoon reflects “how much America’s truly exceptional levels of gun violence figure in the perception of the country around the world.”

Conservatives instantly hammered Hayes. “Guess we found who the propaganda worked on,” one commenter tweeted. “Remember when MSNBC talking heads feigned horror over Sen. Cruz RTing a meme they implausibly claimed was Russian propaganda?” pundit Tom Elliott commented. “Probably they’ll be equally outraged over Chris Hayes sharing actual anti-American propaganda.”

Regardless of its source, it is unsurprising that Hayes would approvingly tweet an anti-gun cartoon. The MSNBC anchor is an ardent supporter of gun control, and often uses his primetime slot to advocate for gun bans and restrictions.

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