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12 May, 2021 21:05

Former MSNBC host justifies death of white man punched by black teen after racial slur at Dunkin' Donuts

Former MSNBC host justifies death of white man punched by black teen after racial slur at Dunkin' Donuts

Former MSNBC host Touré Neblett blasted “white justice” and appeared to celebrate the death of a 77-year-old man who died after being punched for reportedly using a racial slur.

Neblett was reacting to a story out of a Florida Dunkin’ Donuts where a 27-year-old black man named Corey Pujols said he punched a man nearing 80 after he reportedly used a racial slur. The man later died, and Pujols is facing a manslaughter charge, something Neblett argues is unjustified.

“If there was actual justice in this country, as opposed to white justice, then if you went to someone’s minimum wage job and called them the n-word twice, whatever happened after that would be legally acceptable,” the liberal pundit tweeted on Wednesday. 

In a separate tweet, Neblett again justified Pujols’ reported actions by saying the man who died “f**ked around and found out.” 

Neblett’s take on the situation has garnered mixed reactions, but he’s continued defending his stance, arguing that the very use of the n-word is “violence.”

The former co-host of MSNBC’s ‘The Cycle’ even posted a poll asking whether black people feel the attack on the man was justified and whether they would vote guilty or not guilty if they were on the jury. After 300-plus votes, 71% of respondents said the defendant is not guilty because the n-word was used.

According to police, the unidentified man who died first went through the drive-thru section of the Dunkin’ store and was dissatisfied with the service. He parked his car and entered the store and began arguing with Pujols, leading to the racial slur. Pujols asked him to repeat the word – which was not specified by police – and then hit him in the head, causing him to fall and begin bleeding after his head hit the floor. 

He was later taken to the hospital and treated in intensive care for a skull fracture and brain contusions before passing away. 

Pujols was originally arrested for battery on a person older than 65, but is now facing a manslaughter charge. 

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In a public statement, Dunkin’ Donuts said they are “saddened” by the news and noted the store in question is “independently” owned and operated. The company did not address the racial slur, but said the franchise owner is cooperating with the authorities. 

Neblett has stirred controversy with his opinions on race before. He was recently one of many to refer to Sen. Tim Scott (R-South Carolina) as ‘Uncle Tim’ after the senator said the US is “not a racist country.” 

Twitter eventually stopped the offensive term from appearing in their ‘trending’ section, but many of the tweets remain live, including Neblett’s message.

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