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26 Mar, 2021 16:01

Michael Flynn’s family sues CNN for $75 million over making them out to be QAnon supporters

Michael Flynn’s family sues CNN for $75 million over making them out to be QAnon supporters

Two family members of former national security advisor Michael Flynn say CNN deceptively edited a video to make them look like QAnon supporters, and they are now suing the network for $75 million.

Jack and Leslie Flynn, brother and sister-in-law of the former White House official, filed the lawsuit in US District Court in New York City, alleging defamation at the hands of CNN over a month-old report. 

In the February 4 segment from the network, footage showed Michael Flynn and his family celebrating the July 4 holiday, reciting the pledge to the Constitution that members of Congress take and saying, “Where we go one, we go all,” a phrase that was reportedly commonly used among QAnon supporters. 

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The CNN segment puts Flynn’s quotes in a sea of other footage that contains actual members of the QAnon movement. The scene surrounds Flynn’s quotes with footage of the Capitol rioter most commonly known as the QAnon Shaman.

Jack and Leslie Flynn argue the slogan from the video is separate from the movement and they are “not followers or supporters of any extremist or terrorist groups, including QAnon.”

The Flynns argue the audio clip was edited to remove Flynn saying “God Bless America,” as well as the oath to the Constitution, gutting any context from the original video. 

“CNN intended and endorsed the defamatory meaning,” said the Flynns in the suit.

Michael Flynn served as national security advisor to the Trump administration before stepping down after being accused of – and charged with – lying to the FBI. After a years-long court battle, Flynn was eventually pardoned by the former president.

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