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10 Mar, 2021 22:02

Prestigious nursing school docks students points if they fail to give their ‘preferred pronouns’ in mock examination - media

Prestigious nursing school docks students points if they fail to give their ‘preferred pronouns’ in mock examination - media

Nursing students attending the University of Pennsylvania are required to refer to their “preferred pronouns” and ask those of an imaginary patient or be punished with point deduction in one course.

In an integrated human anatomy class for those looking to graduate UPenn’s nursing program, students must go through a mock examination of an imaginary patient. One of the requirements for this exam is that the student introduce themselves with their “preferred pronouns” and then get the preferred pronouns of the imaginary patient, according to a report from The Statesman.

If students fail to introduce themselves with their preferred pronouns and/or do not ask their patient the same, they are docked five points, which nearly equates to an entire letter grade on the test. Even if a student does not identify as transgender or non-binary, they still must say the pronoun they want to be referred by.

One student who spoke on the condition of anonymity said the requirement “just doesn’t make sense” and made her “especially uncomfortable.”

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“You go into clinical settings and absolutely no one asks about or introduces themselves with their pronouns. I’m especially uncomfortable with having to state my preferred pronouns,” she said. 

Another course required for nursing students touts asking preferred pronouns of patients as a sign of “professionalism,” according to its syllabus. 

This university is not the only school pushing students to give “preferred pronouns.” It was reported this month that Georgetown University Law School’s Student Bar Association sent an email to students requesting that they list their preferred pronouns in their social media profiles, their emails, and in Zoom calls to show “support” for transgender and non-binary classmates.

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