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‘A real American samurai’: Bizarre video featuring Japanese ‘futurologist’ shown at CPAC hails Trump as communist-fighting hero

‘A real American samurai’: Bizarre video featuring Japanese ‘futurologist’ shown at CPAC hails Trump as communist-fighting hero
Attendees at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference were treated to a bizarre video featuring a Japanese “samurai futurologist” praising Donald Trump’s communist-fighting prowess, two days before Trump’s own speech.

A one-stop-shop for all things Republican, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) serves as a barometer of sorts for the direction of the GOP. From the list of pro-Trump speakers to a Sunday night appearance from the former president himself, this year’s conference is all about Donald Trump.

Aside from the usual cast of Trump-friendly lawmakers and conservative influencers, praise for Trump has come from unusual places, like from a Japanese “samurai futurologist” and geopolitics analyst Gemki Fujii. CPAC guests on Friday were treated to a short video clip, which opened with the white-haired Fujii practicing his katana slashes in the woods.

“Hello American conservatives,” Fujii told viewers, introducing himself as an author and journalist. “I respect President Trump and American conservatives,” he continued, praising Trump’s fight against “Chinese communists.”

“President Trump is a real American samurai,” he declares, before pledging his commitment to the “US-Japan samurai to samurai alliance.”

Fujii’s apparent adoration for Trump likely stems from the former administration’s aggressive posture toward Beijing. Fujii is a committed opponent of the Chinese Communist Party, and has lent his support to China’s Uyghur Muslims and the Taiwanese independence movement. He has also appeared several times at a Japanese CPAC spin-off, and at CPAC 2020 in National Harbor, Maryland. As for his description of himself as a “samurai futurologist,” Fujii claims to have accurately predicted the 2008 financial collapse and the 2016 election of Trump.

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As for how his video came to be shown at CPAC this year, his company, World Forecast, is a ‘presenting sponsor’ of the conference. Presenting sponsors pay $125,000 to have a minute-long video played three-times daily to attendees, in addition to a host of other promotional perks. 

Fujii is not the only Japanese Trump supporter to appear this weekend in Orlando. Hiroaki Aeba, chairman of the Japanese Conservative Union, will also give a speech. CPAC describes Aeba as “a powerful voice for freedom in an otherwise hostile region,” meaning he’ll more than likely fire the audience up with a tirade against China.

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