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3 Feb, 2021 23:52

Wisconsin county prosecutors demand ARREST & bond increase for Kyle Rittenhouse over failure to report address change

Wisconsin county prosecutors demand ARREST & bond increase for Kyle Rittenhouse over failure to report address change

Prosecutors in Kenosha, Wisconsin have called on a judge to issue an arrest warrant for Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen who shot two people dead during a protest last summer, claiming he did not report an address change to the court.

Rittenhouse failed to notify authorities about a change in residence, the Kenosha District Attorney’s Office argued in a court filing to Judge Bruce Schroeder on Wednesday, asking him to issue the arrest warrant and to boost the teen’s bail by $200,000.

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Charged with several serious counts, including homicide, linked to a shooting incident during protests and rioting in Kenosha last August, Rittenhouse has since posted a $2 million bond and is currently out of custody. County prosecutors on Wednesday argued the money was derived from a “dubious internet fundraising campaign,” insisting Rittenhouse has “minimal incentive to comply with his bond conditions.”

Rarely does our community see accused murderers roaming about freely. As a result, the defendant’s bond requires him to update the court in writing within 48 hours of any change of address or telephone number.

Last month, the DA’s office requested a modification to Rittenhouse’s bond deal after he was spotted drinking beer in a local tavern with his mother and a group of friends, whom prosecutors dubbed “Proud Boys” and “white supremacists.” Law enforcement was notified by a witness as Rittenhouse was still at the bar, but found he was not breaking the law, nor the terms of his bond agreement, as people aged under the legal limit are permitted to consume alcohol if they are accompanied by a parent.

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