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1 Feb, 2021 22:03

White House press secretary Psaki finally CIRCLES BACK after trolling from ‘conservative Twitter’ over repetitive promise

White House press secretary Psaki finally CIRCLES BACK after trolling from ‘conservative Twitter’ over repetitive promise

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has claimed she doesn’t spend “a lot of time” thinking about Donald Trump’s absence on social media, but she did turn heads by acknowledging criticism of her from “conservative Twitter.”

Psaki addressed a number of issues with the press during a Monday gathering at the White House, but the comment that appeared to stick out most was one directed at what she deemed “conservative Twitter.”

“I often note I’m going to circle back, I hate to disappoint conservative Twitter, but I am going to circle back on a number of things,” she said before answering a few questions that had been asked by reporters in previous press conferences.

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Her words are in reference to the waves of mockery and criticism she receives on Twitter and other social media platforms for often giving non-answers to reporters’ questions, but promising to “circle back” with an answer at a later date. After only days behind the podium answering questions, the habit has already become one of the most talked about subjects when it comes to Psaki.

Her acknowledgement of this reputation she’s earning does not appear to be doing her any favors though as conservatives predicted she’s only feeding the flames and that her critics may be living “rent-free” in her head already.

“Folks, ‘conservative Twitter’ lives rent free in White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki's head for calling out her ‘circle back’ habit. Amazing,” NewsBusters’ editor Curtis Hancock tweeted.

“Making it clear that you are sensitive to criticism from Conservative Twitter should definitely put an end to Conservative Twitter poking fun at this verbal crutch of hers,” reporter Jerry Dunleavy added. 

“Amusing that Team Biden who repeatedly claim they don’t care about Twitter responding directly to "circle back” memes on conservative Twitter,” White House correspondent Charlie Spiering noted

Though she has clearly spent time thinking about her critics on Twitter, Psaki claimed neither she nor President Joe Biden spend time or give much thought to the former President Donald Trump, who continues to be banned by the platform that he aggressively used against his political enemies and to rally supporters behind certain causes or legislation.

“This may be hard to believe, we don’t spend a lot of time talking about or thinking about President Trump here – former President Trump, to be very clear...I can’t say we miss him on Twitter,” Psaki said after being asked whether Biden was relieved to not have to deal with Trump on Twitter during his first days in office.

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