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10 Jan, 2021 14:23

‘Biggest racists in publishing’: Vogue magazine blasted for ‘washed out’ Kamala Harris cover

‘Biggest racists in publishing’: Vogue magazine blasted for ‘washed out’ Kamala Harris cover

Liberal commentators have savaged Vogue, and even accused its editor of racism, after the fashion magazine unveiled its February cover, featuring incoming Vice President Kamala Harris.

Harris graces the cover of February’s issue of Vogue, which hails the VP-to-be as “Madam Vice President.” However, Harris’ photograph – in which she wears a casual suit and a pair of Converse trainers – angered liberal commentators online when it went viral on Saturday night.

Liberal pundit Yashar Ali claimed the cover option was not the one Harris’ team had expected to see. According to Ali, Vogue editor Anna Wintour had agreed to use the image of Harris in a powder-blue suit, but the magazine about-turned after the photoshoot was done.

Harris’ supporters blasted Vogue for running a "washed out” and “jumbled” cover. “They couldn’t decide whether she is going to a luxe French salon, the Senate floor, or taking a jog,” one tweeted.

Others accused the magazine, and Wintour herself, of racism, claiming Harris’ skin in the photo had deliberately been whitened. Ali went as far as to claim “Wintour does not truly respect Black women,” basing his judgment on the views of supposed sources in the fashion world. One poster alleged Wintour is “one of the biggest racists in publishing,” and another that she even “deserves suffering for her treatment of black women.”

Despite the uproar, the magazine hasn’t yet hit the shelves. Its team still has time to go with the alternative cover option, or it may simply choose to sit it out and simply wait for the furor to die down. Harris will enter the White House on January 20, when she and Joe Biden will be inaugurated.

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