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8 Jan, 2021 14:53

Worse than Benghazi? Prosecutors say they’ll track down rioters, as liberals compare Capitol riot to Libyan debacle

Worse than Benghazi? Prosecutors say they’ll track down rioters, as liberals compare Capitol riot to Libyan debacle

Five people have died in connection with the Capitol Hill riot, and Washington DC’s attorney general has promised justice for those involved. With emotions high, liberals are comparing the events to the 2012 disaster in Benghazi.

US Capitol Police officer Brian D. Sicknick passed away on Thursday evening, after he was injured clashing with pro-Trump protesters the day before. Sicknick’s death brings to five the number of fatalities linked to the storming of the Capitol by protesters. Unarmed protester Ashli Babbitt was shot by police inside the building, while three other people suffered fatal “medical emergencies.”

Police have already arrested around 80 of the rioters, and Washington DC Attorney General Karl Racine told ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ on Friday that his office would scour the internet and ask for tips to find hundreds more who, in his words, “sought to, essentially, overturn a democratic election and violate the Capitol.”

“More people died at the Capitol of the United States than in Benghazi,” Racine declared, referring to the murder of four Americans by Islamic militants in the Libyan city in 2012, with Hillary Clinton’s State Department viciously criticized for not providing them adequate protection amid the city’s descent into anarchy.

Clinton’s apparent neglect in Benghazi dogged her 2016 presidential campaign, and was the subject of 10 investigations by the FBI and Congress. With liberal commentators already calling Wednesday’s riot an “insurrection” and “domestic terrorism,” they added “worse than Benghazi” to their descriptors.

A 2013 inquiry heard that military aid could have been dispatched to Benghazi, possibly in time to save the four victims, but the order was not given by the Pentagon. Likewise, the CIA, stationed nearby, did not send reinforcements in time. Republicans investigating the debacle pointed their fingers at Clinton, the Obama administration, and the US’ military and intelligence agencies for these failures, and following Wednesday’s riot, Democrats rushed to do the same.

The Pentagon has been criticized for not arming National Guard troops in Washington, DC  before the riot, and for hesitating to deploy them before the Capitol was overrun. Rumors have also circulated that President Donald Trump initially refused to send in the guard, before he was sidestepped by Vice President Mike Pence.

Yet despite the similarities, some Trump supporters have railed at their opponents for equating the two incidents. One commenter called Racine’s comparison “absolutely shameful.”

In a video address on Thursday evening, Trump condemned the riot and called on his supporters to accept an “orderly” and “seamless” transition to a Joe Biden administration. Nevertheless, with just 12 days to go until Biden’s inauguration, Democrats have drafted articles of impeachment against the president, with a House vote possible as early as next week.

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