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6 Jan, 2021 18:09

Trump lawyer Lin Wood's ‘must be done list’ includes treason charge for Mike Pence, John Roberts retiring

Trump lawyer Lin Wood's ‘must be done list’ includes treason charge for Mike Pence, John Roberts retiring

Donald Trump campaign lawyer Lin Wood is once again setting off critics, this time with a “must be done list” tweet saying that Vice President Mike Pence must resign and be charged with treason.

Wood’s other “must be done” acts, which he says need to happen before Congress certifies the Electoral College votes, include arresting and charging former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein with treason, and Chief Justice John Roberts resigning.

Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller to head the fruitless investigation into allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election (which ultimately led to the House of Representatives voting to ‘impeach’ the president, though no tangible evidence of collusion was found). Meanwhile, Roberts and the Supreme Court have earned the ire of Trump supporters for not supporting efforts to overturn election results.

Before his “must be done,” Wood also tweeted theories that Pence and Rosenstein worked together behind the scenes to undermine Trump.

Though Wood is known for making inflammatory accusations on Twitter, his latest attack on Pence and others has generated plenty of pushback, even from conservative pundits.

“If you believe any of this is going to happen get off Twitter and drive to a psychiatrist,” writer Carmine Sabia tweeted

Wood has been one of Trump’s most vocal supporters when it comes to his allegations of voter fraud being behind Democrat Joe Biden’s election victory. He even at one point told Republicans not to vote in Georgia’s Senate runoff election, calling it “another rigged election.”

Adding to his ‘to do’ list, Wood also said that Trump must “fulfill his sworn oath to preserve, protect, & defend the Constitution of the United States & We The People” as Congress prepares to certify the Electoral College’s vote in Biden’s favor.

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