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6 Jan, 2021 17:16

Hello, Jack, you there? Sean Penn seemingly encourages ‘cyanide salts’ for Trump, Twitter lets it go

Hello, Jack, you there? Sean Penn seemingly encourages ‘cyanide salts’ for Trump, Twitter lets it go

Actor and liberal activist Sean Penn has recommended Donald Trump turning to cyanide pills as an option to deal with the 2020 election results, seemingly violating Twitter’s rules.

“Mr. President. How about this ‘recalculation:’ Have you considered cyanide salts from an ampoule? May well be a road worth your exploration. A mercy for man & country that would make your ‘boys’ proud,” the ‘Mystic River’ star tweeted on Tuesday.

Twitter has a policy against promoting “suicide or self-harm,” but his tweet has remained untouched by the social media platform, something critics have called out in their own tweets.

Penn has been a staple on networks like CNN during the Covid-19 pandemic thanks to work through his charity. In his tweet, he appeared to reference the recently leaked audio from a call between Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger through his “recalculation” reference, as well as the Proud Boys when he refers to “your boys.”

Penn is only the latest Biden-supporting celebrity to reject the Democrat’s numerous calls for “unity” in the wake of the contested presidential election. 

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Last week, actor and comedian David Cross directly responded to a Biden tweet saying it’s “time to unite, heal, and unify” by saying, “f**k that. I want blood.” 

Penn’s rhetoric against Trump, however, is nothing new. He’s called the president a “fuhrer” and “demagogue” in the past and accused him of being guilty of “the murder of 100’s of thousands of Americans.” 

Like many of his celebrity cohorts, he’s also attempted to tie Trump and the Republican Party to Russia, calling them the “party of Putin” in October, but providing no evidence to back up his statement.

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