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25 Dec, 2020 10:51

'Is it Ghislaine Maxwell?' Kevin Spacey sends Twitter into frenzy with Christmas video about friends who 'contemplated suicide'

'Is it Ghislaine Maxwell?' Kevin Spacey sends Twitter into frenzy with Christmas video about friends who 'contemplated suicide'

Disgraced Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey has released a new Christmas Eve video on the subject of suicide. Many, however, were eager to see a more sinister meaning behind his cryptic message.

The actor, largely absent from social media since facing a wave of sexual misconduct allegations, posted the Christmas-themed video on Thursday, marking the third year in a row he shared such messages.

This year's video, titled '1-800 XMAS,' begins with Spacey sitting on a bench in a park. In the voice of Frank Underwood, his character from the House of Cards TV series, Spacey asks: "What would Christmas Eve be without a message from me?"

He promptly drops the act, however, grabbing the camera and walking around as he talks about how many of his friends are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts at present.

"Listen, a lot of people have reached out to me this past year, and have shared their own struggle and my ability to be there for them has really only been possible because of my own difficulties," Spacey says.

Heartbreakingly, so many have talked about things having gotten so bad for them that they've contemplated taking their own lives and that's enough for me to want to take an entirely different approach this year to acknowledge their pain.

The actor then urges "anyone out there who's struggling" not to "take that step" and instead seek help, as there's "always a path" and things will eventually get "better." The video concludes with the promotion of two hotlines for suicide prevention and substance abuse.

At this time during this holiday and beyond, even if you don't feel it, there are people out there who understand and who can help, because you are not alone.

Spacey's address has received quite a mixed reaction, with many netizens flocking to social media to tell the disgraced actor that his words no longer mean anything to them.

Things did not get any "better" for the alleged victims of Spacey's misconduct, including Anthony Rapp, the one who set off the wave of accusations against the actor that led to his fall from grace. Rapp alleged that Spacey made inappropriate sexual advances towards him in the 1980s, when the former was just a 14-year-old boy.

Others, however, tried to delve deeper into Spacey's cryptic video, accusing him of actually trying to convey another, more sinister message. Conspiracy theorists suggested that the actor's address was actually a thinly veiled threat to Ghislaine Maxwell, the incarcerated associate of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who died in suspicious circumstances in prison while awaiting trial.

Some went even further, pointing to the mysterious recent deaths of several of Spacey's accusers.

However, some users expressed their appreciation and support for Spacey's message, arguing that suicidal people are in desperate need of support, particularly during these depressing coronavirus times.

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