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24 Dec, 2020 09:34

Cancer-stricken shock jock Rush Limbaugh rejects Biden’s ‘bleak’ outlook for US in emotional final broadcast of 2020

Cancer-stricken shock jock Rush Limbaugh rejects Biden’s ‘bleak’ outlook for US in emotional final broadcast of 2020

Radio host Rush Limbaugh took aim at Joe Biden for suggesting America’s “darkest days” are ahead, describing the president-elect’s attitude as defeatist, during a teary-eyed update about his battle with stage-4 lung cancer.

In his final broadcast of the year, Limbaugh opened up about his struggle with his terminal illness, saying that he didn’t expect to still be alive today. The famous conservative shock jock announced in February that he had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

He said that has spent the last year reflecting on what’s really “important” in life, and expressed gratitude for his family, friends and listeners. 

At times choking up while discussing the deeply personal issues, the radio host segued into a political commentary about Biden’s belief that the “darkest days” of the coronavirus pandemic were yet to come. Biden said on Wednesday that he wanted to be “straight” with the American people about the severity of the situation. 

Limbaugh remarked that even if he thought this was true, he would never publicly say it if he were the president-elect. 

Even if I believed it, I doubt that I would put it this way. But I don’t believe this anyway.

“Our darkest days are ahead of us? What a bleak way of looking at things,” the talk radio presenter said, noting that the remarks are particularly odd given that Biden has repeatedly accused Trump of mismanaging the health crisis, leading to the needless deaths of Americans.

“Trump’s gonna be gone soon, so why are our darkest days ahead of us when Trump is leaving? If Trump’s responsible for all of this?” Limbaugh asked. 

He said that Americans “still have the greatest degree of freedom of any people on earth,” which will allow the country to “adapt” and overcome the current circumstances. He claimed that the country’s freedom is “under assault and under attack,” but rejected the idea that the future is grim, saying he “never” believed this was true.

Limbaugh added that it’s “never time to panic” and that “it will never be time to give up on the United States,” and also urged his listeners to never give up on themselves.

Although seemingly acknowledging that Trump is leaving the White House, Limbaugh has been warning of a growing political divide in the country. Earlier this month, he claimed that “there cannot be a peaceful coexistence” between liberal and conservative American, and as a result, some states are now “trending toward secession.”

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