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13 Dec, 2020 18:19

Overwhelming majority of Trump supporters do not consider Biden legitimate, but most voters say election ‘over and settled’ – poll

Overwhelming majority of Trump supporters do not consider Biden legitimate, but most voters say election ‘over and settled’ – poll

A majority of voters consider the election decided, according to a poll, but a large portion of Trump supporters view Joe Biden as an “illegitimate” winner and want the president to fight to remain in power.

With the Electoral College set to officially vote on Monday, and enough states certifying their results to give Biden the electoral votes needed for a victory, Trump’s options for reelection are quickly dwindling, though the Republican insisted on Sunday the fight is “not over” and he is continuing to pursue legal avenues.

According to a new CBS News poll released on Sunday, the majority of his supporters back the president’s efforts to deny Biden as the legitimate winner of the presidential election.

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A whopping 82 percent do not view Biden as the winner of the election, and 75 percent want the president to remain in office. 

A poll of voters across all political spectrums, however, shows a populace mostly ready to move on from the election over a month from when votes were cast across the nation as 62 percent consider the matter “over and settled” and believe it’s time to “move on” to other issues. A lower 38 percent believe Biden is not the legitimate victor, and 25 percent do not believe Trump should concede.

The disparity in opinions on the election suggests a potentially difficult situation for Biden who has said his administration will work to unify the split country.

With such a large portion of Trump supporters unwilling to move on from the election, some have called CBS’ poll “scary.” 

A Quinnipiac University poll from earlier in the month similarly found that 77 percent of Republicans believe there was widespread voter fraud in the election. Among overall voters, 60 percent accepted Biden’s victory as legitimate, while 34 percent did not.

President Trump has continued to insist voter fraud is behind swing states like Pennsylvania and Georgia flipping in Biden’s favor, an allegation that has not found much support in the courts. 

CBS’ poll, conducted with YouGov, surveyed over 2,200 voters over the last week and has a margin of error of 2.3 percent. 

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