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12 Dec, 2020 03:50

San Francisco man arrested for vehicle theft for 14th time in 18 months as Soros-linked DA claims too many people are in jail

San Francisco man arrested for vehicle theft for 14th time in 18 months as Soros-linked DA claims too many people are in jail

San Francisco police apparently tried to make a point last week when they publicized the arrest of a man who had been busted for vehicle theft 13 times in 18 months – and repeatedly let out of jail to repeat his crimes.

The point must have been lost on Chesa Boudin, the district attorney who was reportedly elected last year with funding help from an associate of billionaire George Soros. The suspect was let out again. And now? He has tallied his 14th arrest for vehicle theft in 18 months after police in San Francisco's Tenderloin district again spotted him riding an allegedly stolen motorcycle.

“The same suspect continues to steal vehicles,” the police department tweeted early Friday morning. “Tonight, he is back in custody for his 14th motor vehicle theft arrest.” The motorcycle had a stolen license plate, and its vehicle identification numbers had been removed, police added.

Presumably, the suspect doesn't get caught every time he steals, so there's no telling how many vehicles he might have taken. Property crime is rampant in San Francisco, with more than 5,300 motor vehicle thefts reported in this year's first 11 months, up 33 percent from 2019's pace, according to police data. Car burglaries are even more common. In 2017-2019, a vehicle was broken into about every 20 minutes, on average.

Also on rt.com San Francisco man arrested for vehicle theft for 13th time in 18 months amid push by Soros-linked DA to put fewer people in jail

Boudin is part of a wave of Soros-backed prosecutors across the US who are reducing enforcement of crime. After being elected, he almost immediately fired veteran prosecutors in the DA's office. The son of Weather Underground radical left extremists who were imprisoned for murder when he was 14 months old, Boudin has spoken out against mass incarceration and racial disparities in criminal justice. His plan for “rapid decarceration” was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. San Francisco's jail population is being cut to 600 from 1,100. He also banned prosecutions of so-called quality-of-life crimes, such as prostitution, public urination and blocking sidewalks.

The result, according to some observers, is increasing lawlessness. “The city used to be a treasure,” one Twitter commenter said. “Now it's overwhelmed with aggressive, dangerous druggies and filthy streets where it's genuinely scary to walk the sidewalks in the daytime.”

News of the serial vehicle thief's 14th arrest only exacerbated such frustrations. “You can't even make this s**t up,” MMA fighter Jake Shields tweeted. Another observer said, “This is like a skit on some comedy show, back when those were funny. Soon enough, all they'll be left with is criminals and rich elitists in gated communities wondering where the taxable income went.”

Twitter users speculated that the vehicle thief would be back on the street by the weekend and would soon reach arrest No. 15. One observer suggested sarcastically that the suspect must be a master escape artist who keeps getting out of jail.

“I can't wait for the movie,” he said. “I mean, the only alternative is some morons keep deliberately letting him out of jail. But that'd be stupid.”

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