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MAGA the sequel? Republicans favor Trump as top 2024 candidate BY FAR; meanwhile, Dems ponder whether to hang, jail or release him

MAGA the sequel? Republicans favor Trump as top 2024 candidate BY FAR; meanwhile, Dems ponder whether to hang, jail or release him
A new poll shows that President Donald Trump is far and away the early frontrunner among possible 2024 Republican presidential candidates – a troubling thought for Democrats as they discuss how to crush him as a political threat.

Asked who they would choose if the 2024 GOP primary election were being held today, 53 percent of Republican voters favored Trump, the Morning Consult-Politico poll showed. Vice President Mike Pence was the No. 2 candidate, at 12 percent.

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Trump not only was the dominant choice of voters, but the other top candidates were those closest to him. Donald Trump Jr. rounded out the top three with eight percent support. The nearest non-ally on the list was Senator Mitt Romney, at four percent.

The poll was taken on Friday through Sunday, as Trump continued to legally challenge Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the November 3 election. If the legal fight is lost and Biden takes office on January 20, Trump will apparently retain enough popular support to continue influencing American politics and loom as a possible 2024 Republican nominee.

Perhaps that’s why even as Biden speaks of unity and healing, Democrats fret over how they will ensure there is no “Make America Great Again” reprisal. For instance, author Robert Freeman raised the question in a Common Dreams article published on Tuesday whether to “prosecute him, let him go or hang him up?”

The article compared the current situation with Trump to English King Charles I, who was executed in 1649 after escaping house arrest and resuming a civil war. Freeman’s answer for the present-day bogeyman was to prosecute Trump “to the full extent of the law” to ensure that he isn’t “free to create mischief and mayhem.”

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US Representative Bill Pascrell (D-New Jersey) is among the left-wing voices calling for Trump to be imprisoned – at least. He issued a statement last week demanding that not only Trump, but also members of his administration must be fully investigated and prosecuted for “their crimes against our nation and Constitution.”

Biden is reportedly disinclined to encourage criminal probes of his predecessor, but a November 20 article in The Nation pondered “the perils of not prosecuting Trump.” The article concluded by saying that failure to break with tradition and prosecute a political rival “is a recipe for a new and even more criminal Trump gaining the White House in the future.”

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