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14 Nov, 2020 16:34

Trump greets supporters from presidential limo in Washington during ‘biggest rally in history’ (VIDEO)

Trump greets supporters from presidential limo in Washington during ‘biggest rally in history’ (VIDEO)

As droves of Trump supporters descended on Washington, DC for a massive rally, President Donald Trump made an appearance, waving to the crowds from his armored limo.

Billed by organizers as “the biggest Trump rally in history,” the #MillionMAGAMarch saw crowds of Trump supporters gather in Washington, DC on Saturday, to protest what they see as the fraudulent election victory of Joe Biden.

President Trump himself drove by the rally on Saturday morning, waving at the crowds from his presidential limousine as his supporters chanted “USA, USA.”

Trump tweeted on Friday that he may “stop by and say hello,” praising the “tremendous support” from his base.

The rally’s organizers hope to draw thousands of people to the capital, and video footage shared on social media showed miles-long convoys of pickup trucks en route to DC.

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Several Republican lawmakers and a host of right-wing pundits and celebrities – including controversial talk show host Alex Jones – are due to speak at the event.

Trump and his supporters have declared Joe Biden’s apparent electoral win last week fraudulent and described the vote as “rigged.” The president’s campaign has filed a tranche of lawsuits in several key swing states, alleging computer fraud, illegally backdated ballots and closed-doors counting in Democrat cities, among other complaints.

Though he drove past his supporters, Trump did not stay at the march. Instead, he headed to his golf course in Virginia, where he was allegedly met by protesters, according to co-founder of the Democratic Coalition Scott Dworkin.

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