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11 Nov, 2020 06:56

‘We have the gavel’: Democrats secure majority in US House of Representatives but by slimmer margin – AP

‘We have the gavel’: Democrats secure majority in US House of Representatives but by slimmer margin – AP

According to AP, the Democratic Party has held its majority in the House of Representatives, despite suffering upsetting defeats in several individual races from GOP candidates.

The Democrats have netted at least 218 seats in the House, which would allow them to retain control of the 435-member chamber, and could win few others when more votes are counted, AP reported.

The party enjoyed a commanding 232-seat majority before the November 3 election, but the advantage is projected to shrink as Republicans are poised to win up to around 15 extra seats following the vote, the outlet said.

Holding the House is crucial for Joe Biden to pass major reforms and undo Donald Trump’s legacy if he is to replace him in the White House.

“We lost some battles, but we won the war. We have the gavel,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Friday as she sought to downplay some of the upsetting losses against the GOP in the congressional races.

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According to the Roll Call newspaper, GOP candidates have so far flipped eight seats and could still score more victories in states such as California and New York, where ballot counting is slow.

Major US news networks have projected Biden to win the presidency over Trump. However, the incumbent president has refused to concede, alleging widespread election fraud.

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