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4 Nov, 2020 15:07

Election night tensions see BLM protests erupt across US (VIDEOS)

Election night tensions see BLM protests erupt across US (VIDEOS)

Troublemakers have been arrested across the US, from Washington DC to Seattle, as anti-racism demonstrators pushed the limits of largely peaceful protest on election night.

Thousands of people took to the streets of cities including Washington DC, Seattle, Portland, and New York after America voted on Tuesday. The demonstrations centered on the racial equality movement, but they have varied in scope and focus.

More than 1,000 people gathered in front of the White House, protesting against Donald Trump’s presidency and campaigning for racial equality, while smaller protests took place elsewhere in the country.

In Washington, people convened on Black Lives Matter (BLM) Plaza, one block away from the White House. Some held “Trump / Pence Out” signs and denounced the president for being a ‘racist’. 

Others marched through the city’s downtown area, setting off fireworks, blocking traffic, and confronting bystanders and police. One video shows protesters confronting a passerby and hitting him with a metal bat. 

Videos also emerged from Washington of women twerking on cars and in the streets. Rapper 50 Cent slammed one of them for making a mockery of an important issue. 

In some areas of DC, black-clad protesters clashed with police, leading to a number of arrests. 

A good number of BLM supporters marched through the streets of Portland, carrying flags and chanting “black power” as they confronted business owners and residents. 

In response, Governor Kate Brown authorized the Oregon National Guard to step in and support police operations if needed.

BLM crowds also called for the abolition of the police. 

A number of people taking part in the demonstrations were seen carrying weapons. 

Portland demonstrators were also spotted burning the US flag. 

In Seattle, the police were out in force to prevent further unrest and apprehend troublemakers. “Eight arrests this evening for pedestrian interference, obstruction, assault on an officer, reckless driving, and criminal mischief,” Seattle Police said on Twitter.

It was reported that one person who was arrested had driven over a barricade and into a police bike lane. 
In a tweet from the police, demonstrators can be seen blocking a bypass. 

Another video showed reported Antifa protesters stealing a ‘Trump 2020’ banner from a member of the public. 

One black woman told the Seattle Times that, whoever wins, “it’s going be the same for me. I’m still going to get followed in the store. … I’m still going to get put in a redlined community.”

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Cities across the US had prepared themselves for a wave of violence in the wake of Tuesday’s election. Shops and restaurants have been boarded up to prevent the widespread looting that took place earlier in the year.

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