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28 Oct, 2020 18:10

Socialist presidential candidate accuses Dems of enabling Trump, puts both major US parties on blast as serving ‘the ruling class’

The Democrats are “covering up” Donald Trump and the Republicans’ assault on democracy and US workers, socialist presidential candidate Joe Kishore has told RT, in a strong critique of the two-party political process.

The “ramming through” of conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett onto the Supreme Court bench will not just facilitate a massive rightward shift of the institution, the Socialist Equality Party’s candidate said. It may also help Trump to “undermine” the results of the election, should it not go his way, and “retain power.”

Kishore speculated that Republican agents are planning to challenge the validity of mail-in ballots, a voting method on which Democrats massively rely amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

He accused the Democrats of “refusing to do anything” to block or postpone Barrett’s nomination and confirmation, despite there being “numerous ways” to achieve it.

“They made sure there would be no significant effort to stop the nomination of Barrett.”

“If the roles were reversed, Republicans would have blocked it,” Kishore said, recalling 2016, when the Republican-majority Senate stonewalled then-President Barack Obama’s attempt to appoint Merrick Garland to the Court, almost a year before the election.The socialist candidate believes such political impotence on the part of Democrats is intentional.

“Democrats are really terrified of the development of a real popular movement against Trump’s conspiracies”.

They are “covering up” for Trump, Kishore said, despite the sitting president being a fundamental threat to their espoused ideals. “The Democrats, a party of Wall Street, are terrified to mobilize a popular opposition against [Trump].” The reason for that, in Kishore’s view, is that the party’s establishment does not wish to share its power with outsiders to the state apparatus.

However, the candidate sees hope, saying that there is “enormous growing opposition” in the US, to which the president is responding with “fascistic violence returning to authoritarian forms of rule.”

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Kishore perceives that a real anti-establishment effort has to come from the outside, saying it would have to be a “mass popular opposition, not only to Trump but to the ruling class policy that he represents, the financial oligarchy in the United States.”

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