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18 Oct, 2020 02:45

Chicken company targeted by boycotters over Sen. Perdue’s ‘racist’ Kamala remarks despite ZERO affiliation

Chicken company targeted by boycotters over Sen. Perdue’s ‘racist’ Kamala remarks despite ZERO affiliation

Perdue Farms has struggled to distance itself from Sen. David Perdue (R-Georgia) after he ‘mispronounced’ Kamala Harris’ name in a ‘racist’ way, triggering a wave of outraged calls for a boycott of a totally unrelated firm.

Twitter users have scolded the Georgia senator for his remarks at a Friday Trump campaign rally where he appeared to mock Harris’ name, poor humor some are chalking up to racism.

“The most insidious thing that Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden are trying to perpetrate, and Bernie and Elizabeth and Kamala — Kah-ma-la or Kah-mah-la or Kamalamalamala, I don’t know…” Perdue said.

Perdue Farms, a company that produces meat products like frozen chicken, was mistargeted on Saturday by the cancel mob, who assumed that because it shares a name with the senator, they must be connected somehow.

The company had a tough day clearing its name and assuring customers that the senator “has no affiliation” whatsoever with the company.

“@PerdueChicken PLEASE RETWEET/boycott THIS SUPER RACIST RANT BY family member of Perdue Chicken companies ! Never buy their damn chicken ever again ! You just lost millions of customers due to racist rants by your boy David Purdue!” one Twitter user wrote.

Perdue Farms replied to dozens of similar outbursts through their official account, saying, “Hi there, I can assure you that David Perdue has no affiliation with the Perdue Brand.”

Sen. Perdue and Sen. Harris (D-California) have served in the Senate for three years together. Perdue’s current challenger, John Osoff said his Republican opponent would not have made such comments about someone who is white or male. 

Harris’ press secretary also slammed the Republican, calling the mocking “incredibly racist.” 

Perdue’s campaign released a statement on Saturday insisting the senator simply “mispronounced” Harris’ name and said, “he didn’t mean anything by it.”

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