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10 Oct, 2020 16:21

MSNBC sets off Twitter after pundit compares Trump to ISIS leader, blaming president for Michigan governor kidnapping plot

MSNBC sets off Twitter after pundit compares Trump to ISIS leader, blaming president for Michigan governor kidnapping plot

Anti-Trump author and MSNBC terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance has labeled the anti-government extremists who plotted to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer “VanillaISIS” and claim they follow “their al-Baghdadi,” Donald Trump.

“These people were radicalized by the very fact that a black man could sit in the Oval Office,” Nance said of the recently-arrested Michigan would-be kidnappers and other radical groups in the US. 

“Where they are now,” he continued, “is a state of readiness to support Donald Trump.”

Also on rt.com Leftist journalist hounded online for suggesting Michigan kidnap plotters were radicalized by poverty

“He is their al-Baghdadi,” Nance added, comparing the US president to the late Iraqi terrorist and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) leader. 

Nance then deemed the Michigan extremists and others “VanillaISIS,” in reference to the ‘90s white rapper Vanilla Ice and the terrorist organization.

“And this particular strain of VanillaISIS, if you want to call it that, they are arming themselves,” the author said. 

The term “VanillaISIS” has begun trending on social media where mostly liberals have capitalized on the comparison.

“VanillaIsis are Terrorists – pure and simple – and they should be treated as such,” North Carolina politician Mark Judson tweeted. 

“Donald Trump incites Domestic Terrorism. Donald Trump incites #VanillaISIS,”wrote journalist David Leavitt.

Though Nance and numerous Democrats have at least partly blamed Trump’s controversial rhetoric for the Michigan kidnapping plot, at least one of the men arrested, Brandon Caserta, has now been revealed to be a critic of the president, posting a video blasting him as part of the “enemy” in government. 

Caserta and others accused of wanting to kidnap Gov. Whitmer reportedly wanted to incite a civil war in Michigan through the kidnapping and other acts of violence.

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