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5 Oct, 2020 19:53

WaPo chief fact-checker eviscerated online for judging 2020 presidential election by fictional standards of ‘West Wing’ TV series

WaPo chief fact-checker eviscerated online for judging 2020 presidential election by fictional standards of ‘West Wing’ TV series

A Washington Post editor provoked an onslaught of online ridicule after he opted to compare and contrast the real-life 2020 presidential race with TV series ‘The West Wing’, beloved by US liberals for its ideological outlook.

Glenn Kessler, chief writer of Washington Post's Fact Checker section, which rates the supposed veracity of political statements by assigning them a ‘Pinocchios’ score, pondered on Monday the meaning behind the ongoing election season being very unlike the 1999 TV show ‘The West Wing’.

Kessler rushed to Twitter with his observation that the structured somber stories in Aaron Sorkin’s White House drama were quite different from the real-world election.

“Watched the sober and compelling Jimmy Smits-Alan Alda debate the day after the crazy Trump-Biden shoutfest,” the pundit tweeted. “Quite a contrast,” he then pointed out, perhaps for those who aren’t fully caught up with the show yet.

The mere idea of seeing some truths behind the discrepancies between real-life politics and scripted media caused a comedic uproar on Twitter. Users mocked Kessler by parodying his tweet and writing, for example, that there was “quite a contrast” between the Looney Tunes basketball movie ‘Space Jam’ and the NBA finals.

Other commenters were baffled by a supposedly serious pundit publicly lamenting “that the world wasn’t more like the fictional delusions of a New York liberal,” apparently referring to the show's creator Aaron Sorkin.

The first presidential debate of the 2020 race has been described by American media as a “debacle” and even “pure chaos,” due to the candidates often shouting, talking over each other, and even name-calling. Now, after President Donald Trump revealed on Friday he had contracted Covid-19, there is no way of knowing if any future debates will take place between him and Democrat Joe Biden.

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