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30 Sep, 2020 00:47

READ leaked ‘DNC talking points’ published ahead of Trump-Biden debate in Cleveland

READ leaked ‘DNC talking points’ published ahead of Trump-Biden debate in Cleveland

A purported DNC document, posted on Twitter by a conservative user, reveals the Democrats’ talking points prepared for the first debate between Joe Biden and US President Donald Trump, just minutes before it kicked off.

The user named “Comfortably Smug” published screenshots of the six-page document, as well as links to the Google document containing the assets to be used. While the documents have not been independently verified as authentic, they amount to a collection of talking points pushed by the Biden campaign over the past several weeks, blaming Trump for everything from the Covid-19 death toll to racism and violence in US cities.

Moreover, the document offers a template for editorials, social media posts and emails to be sent to voters, using hashtags such as #TrumpLied200KDied, #HealthCareVoter and #ScrantonvsParkAve.

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One such astroturfed email reads: “This evening during the first presidential debate, Donald Trump said ___. This is false. This is the true record of the Trump administration: [INSERT FACTS FROM BELOW]”

While the document covers the six topics announced for the debate, it reshuffles their order, starting instead with the coronavirus pandemic. It relies on the “bombshell” report from Bob Woodward’s book that Trump “downplayed the virus despite warnings from experts,” and ties it into Obamacare by claiming the president wants to “tear away protections from as many as 133 million Americans with preexisting conditions.” This is then tied to Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court, saying she “could cast the deciding vote to overturn” Obamacare.

Democrats have blamed Trump for the economic fallout of the coronavirus lockdowns, even while condemning him for urging states to reopen. The document points out unemployment numbers, blames Trump for 400,000 small businesses shuttering, and argues “Trump is on track to be the worst jobs president in recorded history.”

While no details are given about the Biden-Harris plan, the document does say things “can't just go back to the way things were before the virus — we have to build back better.”

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Another talking point laid out in the document – that Trump “refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses” – matches the claim the Democrats have been making for the past week. It also accuses the president of “trying to undermine our election in an attempt to avoid accountability for his failures — from baselessly attacking mail-in ballots to falsely claiming with no evidence that there are efforts to ‘rig’ or ‘steal’ the election.”

Last, but not least, the document claims Trump “has endangered Americans by failing to rebuke violence and lawlessness.” It also blames Trump for the “chaos” in America because he “has fanned the flames of hate and division [and]  defended accused murderers.”

The document accuses Trump of racism and “dog whistles,” and cites poll numbers suggesting Americans believe he is the source of the violence in America.

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