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‘Yo ass goin’ viral’: Antifa, BLM protesters surround Portland police car, play victim when officer draws weapon

‘Yo ass goin’ viral’: Antifa, BLM protesters surround Portland police car, play victim when officer draws weapon
Hordes of activists took to the streets of Portland once again Monday night. When one group surrounded a cop car, the officer inside drew his service weapon, prompting wild complaints from the assembled crowd.

Monday’s demonstrations marked four consecutive months of protests as a group of roughly 150 protesters gathered to once again protest police brutality, systemic racism and a number of other grievances. 

A crowd was filmed approaching a police vehicle and interrogating the officer inside, who referred them to the incident in which two LA police officers were shot while sitting in their patrol car.

The protesters ran into the same officer later in the evening and vowed that he was going to “go viral” and that a number of lawyers and police watchdog organizations would be investigating why he had his weapon drawn when they approached him initially. 

Elsewhere in the city, Portland Police swept through North Portland park to pre-emptively clear out any contraband and weapons before the protests had even begun. 

Heavily-armed police confiscated homemade shields and other paraphernalia during the operation, "To lower the likelihood that members of the gathering would use the shields to protect those intent on committing crimes such as throwing objects at police,” the Portland Police Bureau said. 

A Portland Police Sergeant was hospitalized and at least five other officers were injured when they were sprayed with a chemical irritant while trying to break up an “unlawful assembly” in the Kenton neighborhood of the city.  

Police claim they found a loaded handgun inside a vehicle purporting to be an amateur medical transport for the protesters.


Driver, Jason Dye, 40, of Portland was issued multiple citations for driving offences and an investigation into the handgun has been launched. 

Protesters wearing heavy body armour marked with "press" insignia and carrying "press" passes were arrested while in possession of knives and pepper spray.


Earlier on Monday, local authorities announced that dozens of Portland police officers who were deputized to make federal arrests will retain their powers until the end of 2020. 

Some 56 officers, sergeants and lieutenants from the Portland Police bureau’s rapid response team, will retain additional authority to help quell the ongoing violence in the city which has marred the protests. 

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Their deputization does not automatically result in federal charges should they be assaulted  by violent protesters. However, several protesters are already facing federal prosecution for assaulting local Portland police officers throughout the wave of protests since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody in May.

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