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29 Sep, 2020 10:05

Antifa doxer ‘AntiFash Gordon’ slapped with federal lawsuit for getting New York Daily News employee fired

Antifa doxer ‘AntiFash Gordon’ slapped with federal lawsuit for getting New York Daily News employee fired

A self-professed Antifa doxer, who publishes sensitive data about political opponents online, has been accused of using university resources to conduct targeted harassment campaigns against a former New York Daily News employee.

Christian Michael Exoo, aka “@AntiFashGordon,” is a 39-year-old assistant at St. Lawrence University (SLU) library who stands accused of nefarious activity in a federal lawsuit filed in New Jersey by Daniel D’Ambly.

“Technically, I don’t just stalk fascists. I also get them fired, de-homed, kicked out of school, etc,” Exoo bragged on Twitter.

D’Ambly was fired from his job as a platemaker for the New York Daily News after he was allegedly targeted by Exoo, who he claims had the “consent and approval” of SLU to recruit students to target people online.

St. Lawrence University, New York Daily News, Twitter and others are named as co-defendants in the suit.

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“Exoo is a self-described anti-fascist, notorious doxer, and leader of Antifa, who by doxing others has acquired a great deal of notoriety and infamy,” D’Ambly’s civil complaint claims, adding that his activities are known to and endorsed by university faculty, which include his mother, father and brother. 

Exoo is accused of “racketeering activities through interstate communications” sent from St. Lawrence University, where, in 2017, he reportedly gave a talk on campus to students in which he detailed how to investigate and dox people.

SLU spokesperson Paul Redfern confirmed that Exoo is a part-time employee of the university but declined to comment further. 

Exoo reportedly exposed D’Ambly’s membership of the New Jersey European Heritage Association, which the Anti-Defamation League describes as a “white supremacist group.” 

The New York Daily News was then subjected to an alleged mass online and phone call campaign initiated by Exoo to have D’Ambly fired, for which the plaintiff is seeking damages of over $75,000.

“[Y]our choice to take these repulsive actions has now put our workplace and employees at risk of counter attacks by Antifa,” D’Ambly’s dismissal letter reads. 

D’Ambly’s vehicle was allegedly keyed and his tires slashed at his home in South Brunswick, New Jersey.

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