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Tell-all book author Mary Trump SUES president & his siblings, claims she was cheated out of MILLIONS of dollars inheritance

Tell-all book author Mary Trump SUES president & his siblings, claims she was cheated out of MILLIONS of dollars inheritance
Presidential niece Mary Trump has sued her uncle, his sister, and their late brother, accusing the trio of defrauding her of her rightful interest in the Trump empire – perhaps providing some insight into why she wrote her book.

In a lawsuit filed on Thursday, the younger Trump declared her uncle and his siblings “siphoned millions of dollars from Mary’s interests” in the Trump real estate empire. “Rather than protect Mary’s interests, they designed and carried out a complex scheme to siphon funds away from her interests, conceal their grift, and deceive her about the true value of what she had inherited,” the lawsuit reads. 

Fraud was not just the family business – it was a way of life.

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Mary Trump’s accusations shed some light on her motivation for publishing ‘Too Much and Never Enough’ earlier this year – a book that denounces her uncle, the president, as an unqualified narcissist who has no business in the White House. Its claims made her an immediate #Resistance hero, though Trump has denied them.

Trump’s brother Fred – Mary’s father – died in 1981, leaving her a minority interest in the Trump real estate empire. Because she was just 16 at the time, her aunts and uncles – Donald Trump, Maryanne Trump Barry, and Robert Trump – “committed to watch over her interests as fiduciaries.” Rather than safeguard her share of the business, the suit claims, “they lied,” plundering her share to feather their own nests.

The suit accuses her aunt and uncles of “threaten[ing] to bankrupt Mary’s interests and terminat[ing] the health insurance that was keeping her nephew – an infant with cerebral palsy –  alive.” 

Following that, Mary Trump claims she was then “presented…with a stack of fraudulent valuations and a so-called settlement agreement, and forced…to sign.” All told, the suit claims, “they fleeced her of tens of millions of dollars or more.

Interestingly, she credits the New York Times with bringing the “fraud” to light in a 2018 report. The lawsuit accuses the trio of not only “siphon[ing] value from Mary’s interests” to their own, but also devaluing those interests through fraudulent appraisals and threatening to bankrupt them. 

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Mary Trump previously attempted to sue her aunt and uncles alongside her brother Fred Trump III in 2000, accusing them of mishandling their grandfather Fred Trump Sr.’s will. In allegations that have been repeated in Thursday’s lawsuit, the pair claimed the elder Fred (the president’s father) was suffering from dementia and was coerced into leaving the lion’s share of his fortune to his sons and daughters.

However, Mary signed a non-disclosure agreement in 2001 after that suit was settled, according to the Daily Beast, rendering her incapable of speaking about her relationship with the defendants or the previous litigation – which led President Trump to threaten her with a lawsuit over her book.

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