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24 Sep, 2020 15:05

Black Los Angeles cop harassed with slurs by protesters in 'demon masks' (VIDEO)

Black Los Angeles cop harassed with slurs by protesters in 'demon masks' (VIDEO)

Video has surfaced of masked protesters taunting a black Los Angeles police officer with slurs and obscenities. Unrest flared as no charges were filed against two officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor in Louisville.

As protests raged in cities across America following a grand jury's decision not to charge any of the officers with her murder, a group of masked demonstrators in Los Angeles surrounded a police officer and began taunting him with obscenities, according to a video posted to social media in the early hours of Thursday morning.


The officer remains composed as his assailants stick their smartphone-bearing hands in his face.

Another video from the same night showed a larger group of protesters, similarly clad in horror-movie masks, shouting abuse at cops as they pulled on the barricades the officers had erected to protect their headquarters.

Taunting cops has become something of a pastime for agitator elements amid the protests that have raged on and off since the May killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. A Sacramento officer was similarly harassed back in June, also remaining calm as his assailants blew smoke in his face and aimed a laser pointer at his eyes.

Also on rt.com US cop stays calm as protesters blow smoke in his face & give him middle finger (VIDEO)

Hundreds turned out in Los Angeles to demonstrate against the ruling on Taylor's killing. The black EMT was shot while in bed in her Louisville apartment in what was supposed to be a drug raid - even though the dealer the officers were seeking was already in prison and lived miles away. Two of the officers responsible were not charged at all, while one was charged with wanton endangerment for firing into a neighbor's home.

Two LAPD officers were shot in an apparent ambush earlier this month as nightly protests raged. Some protesters turned out to block the hospital entrance as ambulances attempted to transfer the wounded cops to surgery, shouting "We hope they die" and "Death to the police."

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