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29 Aug, 2020 12:56

‘Brussels sprouts taste good’: Jacob Blake’s father stuns CNN’s Cooper with odd response to police union claims about his son

‘Brussels sprouts taste good’: Jacob Blake’s father stuns CNN’s Cooper with odd response to police union claims about his son

CNN star host Anderson Cooper apparently found it difficult to follow Jacob Blake Sr., the father of the Kenosha police shooting victim, who used a rather poetic way to express his grief and outrage during an interview.

Cooper invited Blake on his show to discuss the latest developments in his son’s ordeal, but apparently was not prepared for his guest’s way of describing his feelings. The journalist asked Blake what he thought about claims made by a Kenosha police union that his son was armed with a knife and fought with officers before being shot seven times in the back by one of them.

“Some say Brussels sprouts taste good,” the father said in response. A pause hung in the air for several seconds before Cooper finally said, “I don’t get the reference,” prompting Blake to explain, “I hate Brussels sprouts.”

The interview, which was done via a video link, was full of similar moments of Blake seemingly failing to produce clear-cut soundbites, and choosing to go poetic instead. For example, he said that a union is “like a bunch of dudes that pay dues so they can go someplace and meet and get away from their wives”.

When Cooper suggested Blake Jr. may not have clear memories of the incident, which unleashed protests and rioting in his home city, his father described the use of a morphine painkiller drip by his son as him taking “the Starship ‘Enterprise’ to the Vega system,” earning a “Hmm” from the host.

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Blake denounced what he believes to be two separate justice systems for white Americans and people of color, citing the police treatment of Kyle Rittenhouse. The teen, who is accused of gunning down two protesters in Kenosha, was “given a high-five” by officers while Blake Jr. was “given seven bullets,” and “if that’s not an example of two systems, then slap me and call me a woman,” Blake Sr. said.

As for finding justice for his son, Blake said it may be found “out there over the rainbow, in the little house that Dorothy flew in on a tornado,” adding that “there is better healthcare” there probably, too.

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