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25 Aug, 2020 19:28

Florida Democrat says she voted AGAINST child sex doll ban by MISTAKE

Florida Democrat says she voted AGAINST child sex doll ban by MISTAKE

When Florida’s legislature voted to ban child sex dolls, one Democrat puzzlingly went back and changed her vote to oppose the ban. However, now she says her vote against banning the perverted playthings was cast in error.

Florida’s State House voted in 2019 to make selling or possessing “an obscene child-like sex doll” a third-degree felony. The measure passed Florida’s House and Senate unanimously and was signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis shortly afterwards, but in the meantime, Democrat Rep. Margaret Good logged into a legislature portal and switched her vote from a “yes” to a “no.”

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Good is something of a criminal justice reformer, and local media reported on Monday that before changing her vote, she cast a separate vote to increase the threshold for what constitutes a felony offense in the Sunshine State. However, even the most dyed-in-the-wool reformists would balk at supporting sex dolls, and Good insists the vote was a mistake.

“The vote change was made in error,” she told Florida Politics, explaining that she intended to switch her vote on another education bill instead. 

Regardless of how it was cast, Good’s vote didn’t stop the ban coming into force last October. What it did do, however, is draw some unwelcome attention to her current campaign. Good hopes in November to unseat Republican incumbent Vern Buchanan and take his seat in Washington. The GOP has already seized on the story, with a party press officer quipping that the news is “Not great for @GoodforFlorida. Maybe it’s time she comes out of hiding and denounces child sex dolls? Just a thought.”

The ban actually did face opposition from the Prostasia Foundation, an organization that campaigns for pedophiles’ civil rights and claims that these dolls reduce the likelihood of offense. However, that notion has been debunked by various academic studies, with one Canadian study stating that pornography – understood to include dolls – “added significantly to the prediction of recidivism.” Nevertheless, Prostasia calls doll bans “unconstitutional, misguided, and immoral.” 

Outside Florida, a similar ban has been implemented in Tennessee, and nationally, the appropriately-named CREEPER Act passed the House in 2018. The legislation – which would ban the importation and transportation of child-like sex dolls – has since languished in the Senate.

Just last week, online retail giant Amazon pulled ads for these dolls from its website in France, after an outcry from anti-pedophile activists. However, hours later the listings were back again, and similar ads have been discovered in the UK, Austria and Spain in recent years.

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