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21 Aug, 2020 15:42

‘You are frauds. You are the lie’: Rose McGowan torches the DNC, calls Biden a rapist, inciting a horde of party defenders

‘You are frauds. You are the lie’: Rose McGowan torches the DNC, calls Biden a rapist, inciting a horde of party defenders

Actress Rose McGowan drew fire from Democratic partisans on Twitter, after seemingly continuing her no-compromises approach to public discourse by accusing the US liberals of uselessness, and Joe Biden of being a rapist.

“You are the season of darkness,” the MeToo firebrand tweeted on Thursday, referring to Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. “You are monsters,” she added. “You are frauds. You are the lie.”

At that point, the rant was far from being over. “What have the Democrats done to solve anything?” McGowan lamented, accusing the party of not helping the poor, racial minorities, single mothers and children. “[The Democrats] have achieved nothing,” the actress concluded, saying that she believes this to be the reason Republican Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016.

For hours McGowan was the target of criticism by Democratic sympathizers on Twitter, which got her name trending in the US by Friday.

Largely, her responders were not happy with McGowan not being “on board with Biden.” Twitter users said that the actress “has lost her mind” and “should delete her account.”

Many of these netizens alleged that any attacks on the Democrats are going to “give Trump the election.”

The star of Charmed did have some defenders, who agreed with her by saying that“the DNC has been proven to be liars and hypocrites” and that the party “deserves criticism”.

McGowan herself did not shy away from engaging her detractors. She addressed the idea that not voting for Biden is akin to “knowingly helping Trump” by saying that she “doesn’t vote for rapists.”

McGowan was referring to accusations of sexual assault that ex-staffer Tara Reade levied against the former vice president earlier this year. The incident proved controversial, as it was largely perceived to have been ignored by DNC officials, despite their public support for the anti-harassment MeToo movement.

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