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Liberal ‘ethics’ org seeks to sue Trump’s postmaster general for ‘undermining’ vote-by-mail plans

Liberal ‘ethics’ org seeks to sue Trump’s postmaster general for ‘undermining’ vote-by-mail plans
Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington, a watchdog group linked to Democratic trickster David Brock, is suing Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, claiming he’s working to scuttle a mail-in election for President Trump.

The nonprofit accused DeJoy of violating several provisions of the Hatch Act, which bars federal employees from politicking on the job, in a statement on Thursday. Claiming the postmaster general both violated a ban on election meddling and coerced other federal employees to do so, CREW reached out to the FBI to demand a criminal investigation.

DeJoy, the group said, is deliberately torpedoing the Postal Service’s capabilities in order to make a November mail-in vote impossible. Insisting the acknowledged slowdown in mail delivery that followed the former GOP donor’s appointment can be considered a “contribution” to Trump, since the president also opposes a vote-by-mail election. CREW argued that merely because DeJoy’s policies are likely to affect the election, it’s the same as if they were adopted specifically for that purpose.

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Worse, because DeJoy is the head of the Post Office and thus makes policy other federal employees must follow, he’s guilty of coercing other Postal Service employees to engage in banned Hatch Act “political activity” just by doing their jobs, CREW claimed.

Such headache-inducing logic is familiar territory for CREW, which has filed dozens of Hatch Act lawsuits against members of the Trump administration since the president’s inauguration. While Brock, the Clinton family attack-dog behind media watchdog Media Matters and infamous troll farm Correcting the Record, stepped down as the group’s head around that time, the Democratic strategist nevertheless included CREW in a comprehensive plan to take down Trump, which appears to be continuing apace (sample directive: “filing lawsuits against the Trump administration”).

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Earlier this week, CREW issued a press release demanding DeJoy “quit or be removed,” claiming the postmaster was “using the government agency he’s tasked to lead to attempt to fix an election for his boss.” While DeJoy acquiesced to some of the partisan rage directed his way on Tuesday, pledging to postpone his planned reforms until after the election to avoid any appearance of impropriety, Democrats were not satisfied, demanding instead that he roll back those measures already implemented or, better yet, resign.

The question of mail-in voting has provoked an increasingly hysterical tug-of-war as Trump threatened to starve the Post Office of the resources it would need to process the entire country’s ballots unless Democrats and Republicans in Congress managed to reach an agreement on a funding boost for the agency. Trump’s nemeses interpreted this as a threat to defund the post office entirely, and the postal worker’s union has endorsed Democrat Joe Biden for president.

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