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20 Aug, 2020 13:00

Wayne Dupree: Americans have seen this Obama-Biden team before and chose to vote in Trump. And you know what? They’ll do it again

Wayne Dupree: Americans have seen this Obama-Biden team before and chose to vote in Trump. And you know what? They’ll do it again

Just when you might have thought it was safe to venture back into politics, the dastardly duo are back and more radical than ever. But we won’t be fooled.

Ten years ago, Team Obama-Biden began designing and passing legislation so extreme it was rejected by the majority of Americans – and thus began the decimation of the Democrat Party. The Democrats’ losses – House, Senate, White House – were eventually so heavy, the repercussions and damage to the party are still evident to this day. 

Now, 10 years later, these two are back and exponentially more radical than ever before. And despite their apparent failures, after a combined 70 years as politicians,  they’re both now multimillionaires. That’s desperate politics.

Does anyone know what Biden’s actual platform is? His speakers merely talk about how awful President Trump is, spouting lots of hate, hate and more hate, and threats about how the violence – they didn’t even bother to use the accepted term of ‘peaceful protests’ – will continue if Trump is reelected.

We got plenty of lectures from the speakers about how and why we should feel – and I really don’t like people talking down to me – but no facts, no actual digestible information.

Even the most delusional Democrat knows Biden isn’t capable of running the country. We now know why Bernie Sanders pulled out so suddenly, just days after stating he’d never drop out and would take it to the convention. Sanders is smart enough to have his socialist principles enacted – but he had to drop out and let the one most likely to beat Trump win the party’s nomination. Genius plan by the Democrats. Elect the first puppet president, and he’ll have his strings pulled by Obama, Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, Pelosi, and the Black Caucus. This was confirmed when Sanders spoke at the convention. The very first thing he said, addressing his supporters, was, “Don’t worry, our platform will be adopted. What was considered radical just four years ago is now mainstream in the Democratic Party.”

Dr Jill Biden went public yesterday to defend her husband's cognitive abilities. She said he would’ve done it himself, except that he’s been trying to think two plays ahead in the intense tic tac toe game he’s been engaging in for the past 10 hours. OK, I made the last part up, but still, trying to pinpoint some time when Biden’s been out of his basement and speaking in person is getting a lot harder than playing Where’s Waldo?.

I listened to an interview with a long-term Bernie supporter who’d worked on his campaigns in 2016 and 2020, and she was not at all happy about the party platform, and neither were the other progressives she’d talked to, she said. My guess is the Bernie crowd will sit this one out as they did in 2016.

Maybe I’m too anxious about what the Dems do, but who will stop the craziest of their ideas? Think of what they’ve botched: race relations are at their worst since the Great Society in the 60s; education is a joke; Obamacare hasn’t helped anyone in need of a doctor quickly; we're making the energy we need that’s keeping us independent, and the Dems want to cut that; the First and Second Amendments are on life support; millions of dollars have been lost to riots and crime sprees, especially shooting murders, which are rampant in major Democrat-run cities; yet the Dems want to eliminate law enforcement, except for the Capitol Police and the Secret Service; while China has its unseen tentacles into so many aspects of our lives. The most dangerous and stupid ideas are accepted instantly by so many. The Bizarro world is here.

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Sen. Marco Rubio is right. The big kahunas will not allow anyone to stray from the most radical of ideas. We’re in for a bumpy ride if Biden wins. I think most people don’t have any idea what's coming if he does, and they may not care or know when that occurs.

I voted for Trump to see if he could deliver on his promises during the 2016 campaign, not for his spelling, his diction, or his grammar. Trump has delivered in a big way, despite almost complete Democrat opposition.

Furthermore, the Obama administration hatched a plot to oust Trump with a soft coup involving the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the CIA, and low-integrity Obama hacks under assorted rocks in DC. Yet, he prevailed. He won the election, and Hillary didn’t!

Everything the DC swamp threw at him blew up in the Democrats’ faces. Since that massive victory by Trump, the Dems have behaved in a deplorable manner. They’re sore losers, every one of them. And their voters have been taken in by them for the past 60 years. That said, many are waking up to the reality that the Democratic leadership is campaigning on the same issues today as their grandfathers did 50 to 60 years ago!

The DNC is transitioning to becoming a party of the rich city voter. They’ve abandoned the unions and the working classes, who they’ve failed to help for the past six decades, and too many long-time voters no longer trust them. And quite right too.

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