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17 Aug, 2020 15:53

‘Beating, Looting & Murdering’: Fury rages as presumed BLM protesters assault apparent trans woman, beat man unconscious (VIDEOS)

‘Beating, Looting & Murdering’: Fury rages as presumed BLM protesters assault apparent trans woman, beat man unconscious (VIDEOS)

Online commentators are outraged and disgusted after video of violence from Portland was shared online purporting to show protesters robbing and assaulting an apparent white trans woman before beating a white man unconscious.

The disturbing footage purports to show a prolonged and extremely violent series of street attacks by a group of alleged BLM protesters against various individuals. The attackers were described as “a roving gang of blm thugs” while others said they actually stood for “Beating Looting and Murdering.” 

The spate of violent gang attacks apparently started when a white person described as a trans woman was robbed and beaten by a group of people.

The woman apparently had her bag stolen by the group after she threatened them with a telescopic baton. She was then physically assaulted and verbally harassed multiple times throughout the night.

A man who tried to defend her apparently angered the crowd. That man and a woman he was with were involved in another act of violence, according to videos posted on social media.

The footage shows the woman being brutally beaten. After being threatened and struck several times, the male driver of the pickup then drove the truck at high speed to escape the mob, but crashed into a nearby light pole shortly before 10:30pm local time, at which point he was dragged from the vehicle and beaten in the middle of the street.

Some online claimed that the man had attempted to run protesters over with his vehicle, but there has been no official confirmation of these claims. 

As the man sat on the ground while being verbally berated and punched in the head by the mob, a person ran up behind him and kicked him in the head, knocking him unconscious. Some among the group rifled throughout the contents of the truck as the man was being beaten.

Warning: The following footage is extremely graphic and some may find it disturbing.

The incident occurred just blocks away from the federal courthouse, the epicenter of protests ostensibly against systemic racism and police brutality but which have descended into riots and violence on a nightly basis for 81 consecutive nights. 

Sickened by the ongoing and escalating violence in the city, some online called for the military to intervene while others called on “decent people” to leave the city so that the rest of the country could seal it off. 

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