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12 Aug, 2020 19:06

Polls show young voters support Biden… but running mate Kamala Harris thinks they’re ‘STUPID’ (VIDEO)

Polls show young voters support Biden… but running mate Kamala Harris thinks they’re ‘STUPID’ (VIDEO)

Though young voters seem lukewarm about Joe Biden, polls show their support for the Democrat is greater than for Donald Trump. But a newly-surfaced clip shows his VP pick Kamala Harris doesn’t think much of the American youth.

At 77 years-old, Biden would be the oldest president in history if he manages to defeat President Trump in November. His advanced age, however, hasn’t repelled young voters. According to the latest Monmouth University poll, voters aged between 18 and 34 favor Biden by 25 points.

To say these voters are enthusiastic about Biden may be a reach. Instead, they are likely driven more by a hatred of Trump than a deep affection for the former vice president and Delaware senator Biden. Although they still plan on voting for him, these voters, if another poll is to be believed, generally dislike Joe.

From Harris at least, the feeling is mutual. As Trump’s team and supporters dredge through Harris’ past for smear material, one recently surfaced 2015 video shows Harris – then California’s attorney general – calling most of these voters “stupid.”

Speaking at a Ford Foundation symposium, Harris put crime among this demographic down to one factor: age. 

What else do we know about this population, 18-24?” She asked the audience, before answering her own question: “They are stupid!”

“That is why we put them in dormitories, and they have a resident assistant,” she added, comparing criminals to college students. “They make really bad decisions.”

However, the tables might’ve turned now, as the young vote in November is crucial for Harris and Biden. One in ten eligible voters this year will be aged between 18 and 23. Among 18-29-year-olds, 47 million votes are up for grabs.

Youth voters rarely turn out in huge numbers, though turnout in the 18-29 demographic spiked to 36 percent during 2018’s midterm elections – the largest increase of any age group. Those that do make it to the polls in November will have to choose: a president they despise or a challenger whose vice president thinks they’re “stupid.”

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