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7 Aug, 2020 18:17

‘Biden no longer worthy of the black vote’: Trump pounces on ‘Sleepy Joe’ for controversial diversity statement

‘Biden no longer worthy of the black vote’: Trump pounces on ‘Sleepy Joe’ for controversial diversity statement

Donald Trump attacked Joe Biden by tweeting that he is “no longer worthy of the Black Vote,” after his controversial statement. Now both presidential candidates are under fire for their comments on the African American community.

“After yesterday’s statement, Sleepy Joe Biden is no longer worthy of the Black Vote!” the president tweeted Friday morning. He referenced the Thursday interview with the presumptive Democratic nominee, where he seemingly said that the Latino community is very diverse “unlike” the African American one.

Even earlier on Friday, Trump posted and then deleted a tweet saying that “Sleepy Joe Biden” has “lost the Black Vote,” and that there was “no recovery” from such a political statement. 

Both presidential candidates from the two major parties have a history of controversial statements and actions that critics use to accuse them of racism, and discussions on who is less worthy of the black vote were raging on social media on Friday.Thus, Trump’s comments attracted thousands of outraged Democrats, who seemingly tried to pivot to Trump’s own perceived troubles with race relations, calling him the “Racist-in-Chief.”

The ‘Central Park Five’ incident was frequently brought up as proof of Trump’s alleged racism. In 1989 he bought out newspaper ad space to advocate for the death penalty for five black and Latino teenagers convicted of the brutal rape of a jogger in New York City. The group was later found innocent by the court.

US conservatives on the other hand sided with Trump, saying that Biden has not been worthy of the black vote “for years.” They recalled how in May the vice president appeared to have said that African Americans who would vote for Trump over him “are not black.”

On Thursday Biden himself seemed to have reflected upon his choice of words, tweeting that he did not “mean to suggest that [the] African American community is a monolith.” Many of the thirty thousand commenters to Biden’s tweet seemed eager to point out that he literally“kinda did”.

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