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4 Aug, 2020 09:39

‘Erotic mind control community has a racism problem’: BLM activists go after hypnotists in latest bizarre witch hunt

‘Erotic mind control community has a racism problem’: BLM activists go after hypnotists in latest bizarre witch hunt

As street battles between murky federal agents, Antifa and various mom’n’pop protest groups over systemic racism continue in Portland, it appears a similar, but more insidious war is underway… in the erotic mind control community.

A seemingly never-ending thread, posted to Twitter by a self-professed 30-something white woman, who is part of the ultra-niche sexual community that some were convinced was made-up, details the sordid sins among hyperactive, horny hypnotists. 

"So, I want to address something that will probably surprise no one: The erotic mind control community has a problem with racism,” we are mournfully told by ‘I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-Karen’ Carin McLeoud, as she begins her far-reaching filibuster. 

So long was the list of racist abuses among the erudite eroticists, that even a video posted by journalist Ian Miles Cheong showing him just scrolling through it was too lengthy for some people’s attention spans, showing that certain white allies in the BLM movement, such as Carin, have far too much time, and not enough actual evidence of racism, on their hands.

Among the list of complaints made by the activist was the claim that black and indigenous people were portrayed as “exotic treasures” or “offensive, hurtful racist stereotypes” and that Asians were “hypersexual”.

“This is not something any of us should be proud of, but, thankfully for me, I had a black member of the community to wake my sorry ass up to the seriousness of this,” she added.

The Twitter treatise inspired a wave of reactions, with some suggesting that the titillating telepaths use their powers for good and not evil. "Maybe they could do the mind control to stop the racism?"one person quipped. Others suggested that perhaps Carin and her cohort of conscientious Karens had themselves been brainwashed.

In the meantime, Portland has recorded a record spike in homicides in recent weeks as the protests against police brutality in the wake of George Floyd’s death continue.

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