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23 Jul, 2020 16:57

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough calls Portland protests ‘peaceful’... despite footage of escalating violence

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough calls Portland protests ‘peaceful’... despite footage of escalating violence

Joe Scarborough has called protests in Portland “peaceful for the most part,” less than a day after the mayor was tear-gassed in the face amid escalating violence following more than two months of demonstrations.

On his Morning Joe show Thursday, Scarborough railed against the deployment of federal agents to the city of Portland, saying they have launched “deeply disturbing attacks” against “peaceful protests, for the most part.”

The MSNBC host has no doubt seen footage of federal agents arresting protesters and proceeding to throw them into unmarked vans – but perhaps he missed the videos of demonstrators growing increasingly violent after more than 50 nights of raging protests. 

Footage from the city has shown ‘activists’ trying to burn down a federal courthouse and often turning to rioting. Only the night before Scarborough’s broadcast, the mayor of the city himself, Ted Wheeler, joined protesters. He, along with other demonstrators, was greeted with tear gas from authorities.

Yet, despite his efforts to fit in with the crowd, Wheeler was cursed at for his “f**king photo op” and was pelted with a water bottle by the same demonstrators he was trying to win over – though the mayor later tried to spin the reaction from the crowd. “Fortunately someone threw a water bottle at my head,” he said, adding that it was just what he “needed” after facing the tear gas.

Scarborough went on to offer advice to the protesters, suggesting they should stay away from federal buildings, as that may be enough for President Donald Trump and his administration to call back federal law enforcement.

“If they stay away from federal buildings, the president and [Attorney General Bill] Barr have absolutely no legal standing… they can protest in other places,” he said.

He did not clarify whether setting fires to private property would be any more acceptable than setting fire to federal buildings. 

Also on rt.com Portland mayor cheers protesters & joins them to face tear gas, gets calls to resign anyway (VIDEOS)

Mainstream media and Democratic politicians have increasingly focused their attention on the questionable actions of federal authorities and President Trump when it comes to ongoing unrest in Portland, but they have been less inclined to highlight viral footage of protesters turning to violence.

On the same episode of ‘Morning Joe’, MSNBC contributor John Heilemann said he believes the deployment of Department of Homeland Security agents to Portland shows Trump is willing to enact martial law, should he lose the presidential election in November.

“Is there anybody having watched Donald Trump for the last three and a half years who doesn’t think Donald Trump would try to employ Martial Law if he thought that was the only way to stay in power?” he asked. Heilemann suggested only days earlier that Portland is a “trial run” for Trump to “steal the election.”

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