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21 Jul, 2020 09:42

Suspect in deadly attack at home of judge in Deutsche Bank-Epstein case listed firm that hired US & Israeli spies as his ex-boss

Suspect in deadly attack at home of judge in Deutsche Bank-Epstein case listed firm that hired US & Israeli spies as his ex-boss

Before taking own life, the man who allegedly killed the son of a federal judge investigating the Deutsche Bank-Jeffrey Epstein case listed a risk management firm with ties to US and Israeli intelligence as his former employer.

On Sunday morning, a gunman disguised as a delivery driver made his way into the home of federal Judge Esther Salas, killing her only son and seriously injuring her husband. Hours later a suspect in the case was reported dead from an apparent suicide.

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The alleged killer was identified as Roy Den Hollander, an ‘anti-feminist lawyer’ whose lawsuit challenging a men-only draft in the US military was being reviewed by Salas. The 72-year-old now-deceased attorney had a grudge against his Russian ex-wife and appeared to be on a personal crusade against what he called ‘Feminazis.’ The media mostly knew him for quixotic legal challenges to what he believed to be discrimination against men, like ladies’ nights at bars.

Yet some – like actress and #MeToo figure Rose McGowan – believe there is more to the story than an unhinged old misogynist with terminal cancer going out in a blaze of violence and notoriety.

After all, the attack on Judge Salas’ home happened just days after she took on a lawsuit filed by Deutsche Bank investors over management’s failure to turn down problematic customers like convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

A sort-of connection between that case and Den Hollander was quickly found in his bio. Two decades ago, the lawyer apparently was in Russia – where he met his ex-wife – working for a firm now called Kroll Inc.

The risk consultancy and investigation company is credited with creating corporate intelligence as a modern industry and was dubbed by its founder Jules Kroll “a private CIA.” The nickname alluded to the fact that it was hiring heavily from former agents of Western national intelligence agencies like the CIA, MI6 and Mossad, as well as the kind of services it offered.

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The Boris Yeltsin government had hired Kroll to track down billions of dollars-worth of Russian national wealth plundered amid the collapse of the Soviet Union. The move may have been more about good publicity needed to secure a loan from the IMF than about catching crooks, some at the firm later said.

Public information enabled the tracing of links between Kroll Inc. and both Epstein and Deutsche Bank, so the field is ripe for anyone wishing to connect the dots. Speculation is already rife that the billionaire’s death in a New York jail last year was more than a suicide. Den Hollander sharing the same fate has poured some gasoline on that fire.

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