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12 people injured, incl two in critical condition, after shooting in Illinois city Peoria – local media

12 people injured, incl two in critical condition, after shooting in Illinois city Peoria – local media
Police in Peoria, Illinois have launched a manhunt after gunmen opened fire on a crowd of people at the city’s riverfront. Two of the victims are reportedly in serious condition after being shot in the neck.

Scores of people were gathered by the waterfront when gunfire broke out at around 4:45am, Peoria Police Officer Amy Dotson told Peoria Public Radio.

Twelve people in all were shot, including the two with serious neck wounds.

The other victims were also transported to hospital, though none of their injuries are considered life-threatening, Dotson added.

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No suspects were apprehended and a police investigation is ongoing.

Gunfire is not an unusual sound in Peoria. Though the city is home to only 110,000 people, a CBS News investigation last year ranked it the 18th deadliest city in the country, coming in only two places behind neighboring Chicago.The shooting is at least the second such act of violence in the small city this weekend.

Two men were shot in the early hours of Saturday morning, with one dying in hospital. Police have no leads on the suspect, but the incident is under investigation. The death was the city’s seventh homicide this year.

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