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15 Jul, 2020 12:30

Activists dancing to ‘support inmates’ at Brooklyn jail are secretly there for Nxivm SEX CULT leader, report says

Activists dancing to ‘support inmates’ at Brooklyn jail are secretly there for Nxivm SEX CULT leader, report says

One of many current US protests sees people dancing nightly in front of New York’s Metropolitan Detention Center. It may be linked to the notorious sex cult Nxivm, whose convicted leader is kept at the facility, a report has said.

A group calling themselves ‘We Are as You’ has been showing up in front of the federal jail in Brooklyn every evening, purportedly to support inmates with some entertainment. According to their social media accounts, they dance to the music, perform acrobatic routines and carry banners that say “We love you.”

According to a report in the Times Union, the campaign of support, which started on July 3, is directed at one inmate in particular: Keith Raniere. He is the former head of multilevel marketing scheme Nxivm, and he was convicted last year for serious crimes including sex trafficking of minors, racketeering and forced labor conspiracy. His sentencing is due later this year and may result in multiple life sentences.

Two defectors from Nxivm cited by the newspaper have claimed that ‘We Are as You’ was organized by remaining Raniere loyalists and is actually a tribute to his person. “It’s a cover movement for Keith Raniere – it’s a Trojan Horse,” said Mark Vicente, a high-ranking member of the organization who testified against Raniere during his trial.

Some of the “We love you” banners are addressed to a Kay Rose. No person under that name is held at Metropolitan jail, but the Union said the name is actually a substitute for Raniere’s, which has the same initials. Some activists are inviting people to call a phone number and join the movement, as seen on the group’s Instagram.

The New York Post talked to the activists, but they refused to say whether they supported Raniere. “If you make this about a sex cult, again, that’s dishonesty,” one of the dancers said.

The group’s website and social media don’t mention Raniere or Nxivm. When asked about a possible connection, they told the Union that the campaign was “for all the friends and family who have people inside.”

Nxivm was founded in the late 1990s and grew into a successful self-growth business with wealthy clientele. But rumors soon started to emerge that something shady was going on behind the scenes, with new recruits being brainwashed and exploited sexually and financially by the leadership.

According to the Union sources, several former high-ranking members of Nxivm, including some connected to its inner-circle sex cult Dominus Obsequious Sororium (DOS), had been spotted at ‘We Are as You’ events. Those include ‘Battlestar Galactica’ actress Nicki Clyne and Danielle Roberts, a doctor who reportedly used a cauterizing pen to brand “slave” women during secret DOS ceremonies.

Victims of the cult were also made to live on as few as 500 calories a day, were deprived of sleep and were forced to provide ‘collateral’ – such as explicit images and filmed confessions – to ensure obedience.

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