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13 Jul, 2020 13:50

‘Everyone is lying’: Outrage after Trump retweets TV host who said there’s a Covid-19 conspiracy to make him lose election

‘Everyone is lying’: Outrage after Trump retweets TV host who said there’s a Covid-19 conspiracy to make him lose election

TV personality Chuck Woolery ignited uproar after claiming there was a conspiracy afoot to distort the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in order to make Donald Trump lose November’s election, a tweet the president then reposted.

“The most outrageous lies are the ones about Covid 19,” the game-show host tweeted on Sunday, adding that “everyone is lying” about the pandemic.

According to Woolery, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Democratic Party, the media and “most” doctors are all in on the anti-Trump conspiracy. By exaggerating the direness of the pandemic, they are trying to “keep the economy from coming back” which could cost President Trump re-election in November, he believes.

Netizens were up in arms over Woolery’s tweet, calling him “paranoid and brainwashed” for indulging in a seeming conspiracy theory. Others went as far as to brand him a “traitor.”

The Twitter outrage went up a gear when Trump himself retweeted Woolery on Monday morning. Trump is “lucky” he has executive privilege, one incensed commenter said, because “anyone else would be charged with negligent homicide.”

Some suggested Woolery’s theory is built around the same partisan thinking of which he is accusing the alleged conspirators.

Notably, many of the replies to the tweet came from Americans who said they had lost family members to the virus.

Some, however, wholeheartedly agreed with the “Love Connection” host’s assessment of the situation. One user said it was indeed “impossible to even know who to trust” anymore. 

Woolery’s comments come after the US has seen record numbers of coronavirus cases. Last week, the country’s chief virologist Dr Anthony Fauci said that the US is still “knee-deep” in the virus’s first wave.

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