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30 Jun, 2020 21:21

Black Lives Matter rioter shoots at driver in Utah, then CONTINUES to protest ( VIDEOS)

Black Lives Matter rioter shoots at driver in Utah, then CONTINUES to protest  ( VIDEOS)

A Black Lives Matter rally turned violent in the city of Provo, Utah, when a protester fired in the window of a vehicle at point-blank range. The injured driver floored the gas and escaped, as the gunman fired at him again.

Footage captured on Monday night shows the driver of an SUV approaching a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters, who swarm the vehicle as the driver attempts to make a right turn at an intersection. After a gunshot rings out, the driver pushes through the crowd and escapes along University Avenue at full speed.

According to Provo Police, the driver was shot through the passenger side window. As he fled, the cops said another bullet was fired, smashing the rear passenger window.  Zoomed in and slowed down, video footage clearly shows a masked gunman aiming his weapon at the driver and opening fire.

Police say that the suspect then concealed his handgun and returned to the demonstration. Later on Monday night, he was reportedly seen smashing the window of another vehicle with his gun. As of Tuesday afternoon, police were still working to track him down.

The driver is just the latest victim of a protest movement that has become marred by violence and thuggery. Two black teenagers were shot, one fatally, in Seattle earlier on Monday. The pair were shot by armed Black Lives Matter protesters inside the so-called Capitol Hill Organized Protest, a six-block tract of the city occupied by protesters and blockaded for nearly a month.

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In Kentucky a day earlier, a protester was arrested for shooting a photographer dead in Louisville’s Jefferson Square Park. Both suspect and victim were apparently supporters of the Black Lives Matter protests, and both had attended several rallies in the park before the fatal incident.

Altogether, at least 25 people have died during the recent wave of protests, which kicked off following the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin late last month.

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