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20 Jun, 2020 12:56

US conservatives pull no punches after Susan Rice says Trump & his allies belong on ‘trash heap of history’

US conservatives pull no punches after Susan Rice says Trump & his allies belong on ‘trash heap of history’

US conservatives have blasted former National Security Advisor Susan Rice for saying Trump’s allies must end up in the “trash heap of history.” Her tirade ignited a fresh online war of words between the right and the left.

Rice, a former US envoy to the UN and the White House national security advisor during Barack Obama’s presidency, went on a fiery tirade against current American leader Donald Trump on MSNBC. She slammed the Trump administration as “racist to its core.”

The ex-diplomat also expressed hope that the Democratic Party contender in the 2020 presidential race, former Vice President Joe Biden, will “remove Donald Trump and consign him and those who have supported him in the Senate to the trash heap of history.”

Rice’s harsh rhetoric immediately sparked backlash among conservatives. Many found her comments similar to the ones made by Trump’s rival in the 2016 campaign, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who famously labeled Trump supporters “the basket of deplorables.”

“Obama called us ‘bitter clingers.’ Hillary called us ‘Deplorables,’” conservative organizer and activist Charlie Kirk wrote on Twitter.

Joe Biden said ’10-15% of Americans aren’t very good people.’ Susan Rice said Trump supporters should be condemned to ‘the trash heap of history.’ This is how Democrats see us. Remember that in November.

Fox News host and staunch Trump ally Sean Hannity shared a clip of Rice’s comments on social media, writing “SUSAN RICE EXPLODES.”

Rice’s tirade has struck a nerve with the online public, highlighting the current growing political division in American society.

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Some Twitter warriors praised her for “speaking the truth” and “calling it like it is,” while shedding light on conservatives who “in general have a dark history.”

There was no lack of reaction from the opposite camp, of course. “Same old, sorry, divisive racial rhetoric that goes on every election cycle. These dinosaur race hustlers are who have to go from the@political landscape,” one commenter wrote.

Vocal Trump critics including attorney George Conway and ‘Pod Save America’ podcast host Jon Favreau accused conservatives of twisting Rice’s words, and said she had specifically blasted the president’s allies in the Senate and was not talking about “Trump’s supporters generally.”

However, some found it ironic that Rice was berating the supporters of the sitting president, since her own son, John David Rice-Cameron, has been described by the media as a US Republican Party member and a big Trump fan.

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