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19 Jun, 2020 08:34

Trump retweets his critic Max Blumenthal, who changes handle to slogans like ‘US sanctions kill kids’ for Trump audience to read

Trump retweets his critic Max Blumenthal, who changes handle to slogans like ‘US sanctions kill kids’ for Trump audience to read

On Thursday, followers of Donald Trump’s Twitter feed were able to read scathing criticisms of the US president, thanks to a careless retweet of a post by journalist Max Blumenthal, who seized the chance to weaponize his name.

The trolling session of the US troll-in-chief started with Blumenthal attacking former US National Security Advisor John Bolton and the left-wing figures lionizing him for writing a book that makes his former boss look bad.

“John Bolton, a notoriously mendacious enemy of all living beings on the planet, is discovering what every other great Republican hope of the Resistance has: liberals will eagerly lap up any piece of hysterical Cold War propaganda if they think it can be leveraged against Trump,” the tweet read.

Apparently, the take was to the President’s liking, because, on Thursday, Donald Trump retweeted it, thus allowing Blumenthal to slip into his feed. Which was probably a big mistake, considering that Max had plenty to say about Trump’s own policies.

The journalist used his limited access to Trump’s multimillion-reader platform and dropped a succession of critical slogans by changing his Twitter name. Over several hours, devoted followers of the US leader were treated to phrases such as “US sanctions kill kids,”“Free Julian Assange,”“Free Palestine, Fire Jared,” and “Defund the Police”. 

Some joined in the fun. RT America’s Dan Cohen, for example, tagged US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to ask how he felt about possible prosecution by the International Criminal Court. After all, the President had shared a call to “Prosecute Pompeo at ICC” in his feed.

The retweet was ultimately removed by Trump, with Blumenthal left reveling in media-blitz glory and regretting only that he hadn’t had time to publicize his news website to the President’s usual audience.

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